Georgia Cop’s Daughter Shoots Self After ‘Responsible Gun Owner’ Leaves Gun On Bed (VIDEO)

There’s nearly a day that doesn’t go by without one of the NRA’s much-revered “responsible gun owners” ends up shooting a childleaving a gun unattended, or allowing a child to shoot him or herself or someone else. On Monday, yet another toddler, this time a Georgia Sheriff’s deputy’s daughter, picked up her ammosexual parent’s holy relic and did what curious children tend to do when confronted with a firearm — played with it.

According to Dodge County Sheriff Lynn Sheffield, the unnamed child’s mother was in the bedroom and the three-year-old girl was playing in another room unsupervised. While moving a television, the mother moved her gun from the furniture in which it was apparently stored in lieu of a gun safe and placed it on the bed. Leaving the weapon unattended, the Mother of the Year candidate went back to moving the TV when she heard the gun go off. The child, being a child, appears to have wandered into the bedroom when her mother was not looking — imagine that!

According to the Sheriff, the toddler accidentally fired the gun while crawling onto the bed, the bullet striking her right leg. Fortunately, the injuries are not life-threatening, but they were bad enough for the little girl to be airlifted to a hospital for treatment. Rather than charge the mother for her negligence, Sheffield called it a “horrible accident.” Whether this is because the little girl is the daughter of one of his deputies, who apparently does not practice proper gun safety at home, or because he subscribes to the NRA’s horrible beliefs that those who describe shootings as “shootings” are simply employing a nasty “trick” to demonize gun owners, is unknown. In any case, the Sheriff refuses to release the names of the parents who so callously disregard basic gun safety.

On average, a toddler has shot someone — themselves or others — at least once a week this year, but the NRA remains silent. After all, it’s bad for their narrative if they admit that, but perhaps, just perhaps, some reasonable regulations and laws that would punish gun owners for refusing to properly store and lock up their weapons is probably a good idea.

Watch a report on this latest completely avoidable shooting, below:

Featured Image via Babble