Breaking News: Fox News Sources Say Biden Is Running For President

Will Joe Biden run for president? He is expected to make an announcement one way or the other within 48 hours — but Fox News is reporting that you might as well begin buying your “Biden 2016” bumper stickers now. According to Senior White House Correspondent Ed Henry, inside sources have confirmed that Biden absolutely will throw his hat into the ring.

“Three sources close to @VP telling me he’s expected to announce he is running but the sources are all urging caution on 48-hr timeline,” Henry tweeted Monday, perhaps ending the speculation over whether or not we can expect the vice president to take over for President Barack Obama.


While some may doubt a Fox News claim that the sky appears to be blue, Henry is not the only source of the assertion that Biden has made up his mind. Democratic Rep. Brendan Boyle also tweeted that he has a “very good source” close to the Biden who confirmed that rumors of a 2016 run are true:


While some have said that it is too late for Biden to enter the race, Boyle points out that President Clinton announced his 1992 presidential run in October:


According to CNN, several Biden associates are in the process of setting up interviews to be part of Biden’s campaign — and, of course, there are other signs that Joe is setting up for his big announcement:

Biden is set to meet with his top political advisers Monday night — the same group he met with at least twice last week.

Also last week, Biden made calls throughout the week to ask Democratic operatives and officials to work for him if he does enter the 2016 race, people familiar with the conversations told CNN.

If these sources are correct, Biden may have a chance. While he trails behind both Clinton (45%)  and Sanders (29%) at just 18% support in a recent CNN/ORC poll, he blows Republican hopefuls out of the water. Recently, a hypothetical Trump vs. Biden matchup showed the vice president as winning by 10 points, and another placed him 8 points ahead of Ben Carson. These numbers are similar to the results of Clinton/Sanders matchups against the same candidates.

While we hold our breaths and wonder if Joe will, in fact, run, it is important to remember that for him (or any other Democratic candidate) to win, we need to head to the polls next year. After all, we wouldn’t want a repeat of 2014, would we?

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