Fox News Finally Admits Conservatives Are Racist During Rant About Captain America (VIDEO)

There are a lot of things you can believe in life, but Fox News being “fair and balanced” isn’t one of those things. They are a notoriously right-leaning “news” organization, which, if they ever admitted to being so, really wouldn’t ruffle any feathers, but rather just satiate a point. Own what you are, for goodness sake — the media branch for the Republican party.

Proving this point, yet again, is their latest temper tantrum over the new ‘Captain America’ appearing in the latest editions of the famed Marvel comic. This new Captain America also happens to be black, which in and of itself seems to have hit a nerve with the hosts of Fox & Friends.

These Fox hosts honestly believe that Captain America is out to “target conservatives.” The conspiracy theory gets weird, yet kind of honest when host Clayton Morris says:

“He’s got a new odd enemy. Instead of going against Hydra and the typical Captain America villains, he’s going up against conservatives. That’s his new enemy.”

Except it’s not. That’s their paranoia speaking as they draw comparisons between modern-day conservatives and the villainous “Sons of the Serpent” featured in the comic. However, in all honesty, they may have a point and could have just admitted to be the racist jerks we’ve always pointed them out to be. After all, “Sons of Serpent” are described as such:

“The Sons of the Serpent were a racist group created by General Chen in an attempt to divide America, performing hate-crimes against foreigners around the country.”

It makes sense where they can draw the comparison. At least they own it. So, that’s good.

Tucker Carlson whines:

“The [Supreme Serpent] is an American who has misgivings about unlimited illegal immigration and the costs associated with it. And that, according to the comic book, is evil.”

Morris adds:

“Right, so these serpents are stopping people from coming over the border and Captain America is saying, ‘That’s not going to happen on my watch, I’m Captain America. An interesting discussion around the idea of [immigrants bringing] disease and rapists and everything else.”

Oh, for f*cks sake. Put on your “Make America Great Again” hat and get it over with, guys. We get it. You hate brown people.

Carlson continues his whining, saying that Americans are being shown as “snake-handling bigots” — nooo, not the whole country, just the ones who are. You know, the ones you promote on your network.

These hosts are upset that Captain America has moved past the days of taking on Hitler and now seem to have new enemies. However, moving from a man who hates minorities, to “Sons of Serpent” who also hates minorities, isn’t really that big of a stretch of the imagination. It’s more or less just keeping with the times, and these hosts can’t seem to handle the truth. They want to “keep politics out of comic books,” which is terribly ironic considering Ted Cruz has come out with his own comic book that claims its “non-partisan.” I wonder if these hosts have confronted him on that. I think they just haz a sad Captain America is fighting villains that match up so much with their political opinions.

These Fox News hosts, by asserting that they believe Captain America is going after conservatives, but also admitting that the “Supreme Serpent” is racist, just called conservatives racist. Well done. About time.


Video/Featured image: YouTube