Donald Trump: There’s A ‘Good Chance’ I’d Have Stopped 9/11 Because I Hate Brown People (VIDEO)

According to The Donald, America would have been a much safer place on September 11, 2001, because of his intense, paranoid hatred of brown people. Scoff at Trump if you must, but did you know that his bigotry would have probably stopped religious extremists from attacking the World Trade Center if he had been President at the time, rather than war criminal George W. Bush? It must be true — the washed-up reality show star said it himself!

On Sunday, Trump joined Fox News’ Chris Wallace, a sign that the Trump/Murdoch bromance is back on, to talk about his lack of ideas thinly disguised as “unpredictability,” but when asked about some recent remarks he made about Bush and 9/11, Trump indicated that his big, beautiful wall around the Mexican border would have stopped terrorists from hijacking planes and killing thousands of Americans.

Earlier this week, Trump correctly reminded everyone that “the World Trade Center came down” during “Bush’s reign” as wishful, wannabe dictator of the United States. This comment was denounced by future 2016 washout Jeb Bush, who called the statement “pathetic” and maintains that his brother “kept America safe” afterward by invading a country that had nothing to do with the attacks, among other blunders of logic, reason, and decency.

“Look, look, Jeb said we were safe with my brother. We were safe,” Trump told Wallace. “Well, the World Trade Center just fell down.” The billionaire said that he’s “not blaming anybody” for the attacks, but “the World Trade Center came down, so when he said we were safe, that’s not safe.” Trump said that, had he been President, he could have averted what was “probably the greatest” catastrophe America has ever faced.

Asked what he would have done differently, Trump turned to his hatred of brown people — a feeling so pervasive that people feel comfortable screaming “White power” at his rallies. In fact, apparently, his “big, beautiful wall” would have stopped the terrorists, many of whom were in the United States legally, from being in the country:

“Well I would have been much different, I must tell you. If somebody said, ‘Well, it wouldn’t have been any different,’ well, it would have been. I am extremely, extremely tough on illegal immigration. I’m extremely tough on people coming into this country. I believe if I was running things, I doubt those families would have — I doubt those people would have been in the country. So there is a good chance those people would have not been our country.”

Trump repeated that he doesn’t blame Bush for 9/11, but that he won’t tolerate the former President’s brother claiming that his brother “kept us safe” when “September 11 was one of the worst days in the history of this country.”

Watch the interview, below:


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