Florida SWAT Team Patiently Waits While Armed White Criminals Finish Having Sex (VIDEO)

Rarely are we treated to a greater display of white privilege than the story of Leanne Hunn and Ryan Patrick Bautista, a nice white couple in Florida whom police allowed to finish their coitus before finally arresting the pair. Bautista, a felon who was wanted on numerous outstanding warrants, including armed burglary, and who police believed was armed,  is clearly a dangerous person, but you wouldn’t know it based on how law enforcement handled the situation once they arrived at his mobile home in Jacksonville.

Responding to an anonymous tip that the couple was harboring fugitive Michael Forte, who was wanted in a September 8 shooting, the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office arrived at the couple’s trailer at around 9:30 Wednesday night, but the loving couple refused to leave. Two other women who were at the trailer for a birthday celebration were allowed to exit shortly after the arrival of law enforcement, but a third was detained by Hunn and Bautista, who took her to a bedroom and held her down. Eventually, they allowed the third unnamed woman to go, as well.

When police made contact with Hunn via telephone, she said they would come out, but “she wanted to have sex with Bautista one last time” — then she hung up the phone. With potential hostages gone and only the couple left in the trailer, one would expect police to break down the door, shoot any animals and children that might be present, then violently arrest Hunn and Bautista. But, of course, we’re dealing with white people here, so the cops just let them f*ck.

A SWAT team was summoned and, according to residents, there was quite an audience to watch the happy crackers make the trailer bounce. “I pulled around here and watched about 30 police cars go in and two SWAT teams, a bomb squad, you name it,” said David Arsenault. “Everything went back there.” Numerous residents also gathered to watch as police chose not to go in shooting, but to allow the couple to fire off a ‘money shot.”

Police waited quite a while for Hunn to finish having sex with her boyfriend; the SWAT team waited until after 4 a.m. on Thursday to finally bust in and arrest a surely exhausted pair of white people, as well as Forte, who was arrested after police so politely waited like a college roommate for Bautista and Hunn to f*ck. Despite that Bautista was considered armed and dangerous, that they had taken multiple people hostage for a while, that there was a fugitive inside the trailer with them, and that Bautista was wanted for some pretty horrible crimes himself, police say no one was in any danger.

“Fortunately no evacuations were required at this particular location because it was isolated and the time of day didn’t require any type of duress for the citizens in that area,” Lt. Jessie York said, though the Lieutenant failed to explain why they allowed the couple to finish having sex before entering. Residents, of course, were curious what police were waiting for.

“Constantly saying, ‘It’s the last warning!’ So I thought, what’s going to happen?” resident Donald Cowart said. “We kept hearing the sirens and everything. All we knew was that it was going to be a big bust because there was a lot of them.”

Both Hunn and Bautista were charged with resisting arrest without violence and false imprisonment after they were (finally) arrested. Forte is being held on charges of murder, armed robbery with a firearm or other deadly weapon and possession of a weapon by a felon. It is unclear if he was involved in the actual f*cking.

Of course no one would want police to use their weapons unless the situation necessitates it. In fact, given the circumstances, it is almost shocking how much restraint was practiced by police. But, once again, we’re dealing with white people here.

Had Bautista, Hunn, or Forte been black, we likely would have seen an entirely different scenario.

Earlier this year, two Jacksonville Sheriff’s Officers shot and killed an unarmed black man as he ran from them. Police say that D’Angelo Stallworth, a father of three, pushed a gun into an officer’s chest before running, but his family questions the legitimacy of police claims.

“We do know that as the police shot D’Angelo, six times, from approximately 40 or 45 feet away as he tried to get away from them, unarmed, he crawled a few feet and he was still moving. But for some reason the police officers never even tried to help him,” family attorney Eric Block said in May. If there was a gun — an assertion neighbors and witnesses contest — D’Angelo dropped it before running away.

“An independent eyewitnesses told us, didn’t tell the police because the police didn’t bother to ask, but told us there was no magazine, no gun, no marijuana,” Block said. Police also claimed that they found two jars containing 130 grams of marijuana, one of which “had Stallworth’s DNA on it.” A gun was “recovered,” but it only showed signs of DNA from the officer — not from Stallworth, who was allegedly in possession of the weapon. The magazine was also strangely absent of the alleged would-be cop-killer’s DNA. Nevertheless, the officers were cleared of wrongdoing.

But, hey, if you’re white and verifiably dangerous, you certainly deserve to “get laid.” If you’re black and unarmed, running for your life, you “get laid” in the ground, as far as law enforcement across the country is concerned.

Watch a report on the arrests, below:

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Featured image via ABC 13