Trump Complains He Doesn’t Have Secret Service Protection…That He Hasn’t Requested

On Tuesday, Donald Trump whined that because of that evil black man in the White House, he is being denied the Secret Service protection he so much deserves. In an interview with The Hill, the GOP frontrunner pointed out that he has attracted large crowds that rival the size of President Obama’s supporters at this same point in the Kenyan usurper’s 2008 presidential campaign. At that point, because of concerns that someone — likely a person who now supports Trump — would harm Obama, he was placed under Secret Service watch 18 months before the election — the earliest a candidate has ever been given protection from the agency. Trump, of course, feels that he faces similar danger to a black man besieged by an army of racists:

“I want to put them on notice because they should have a liability. Personally, I think if Obama were doing as well as me he would’ve had Secret Service [earlier in his campaign]. I have by far the biggest crowds.”

No specific threat prompted Obama’s especially-early Secret Service protection, but there were enough threats being thrown around that it was deemed necessary to protect the life of the former Illinois Senator. Trump’s private security officers described discussions regarding the billionaire’s own Secret Service detail as “preliminary,” and they’re probably right: the discussions are so preliminary that the Department of Homeland Security hasn’t heard from the Trump camp on the issue.

“They’re in no rush because I’m a Republican. They don’t give a shit,” Trump said. “Of course I don’t think they’d want anything to happen. But I would think they should be very proactive and want protection for somebody like me that has 20,000 people at any time. You would think that they would want to be very proactive, but we have not heard from them.”

It is, of course, Trump’s responsibility to request Secret Service protection, which he has not yet done. According to the DHS spokeswoman, Trump’s request — if it ever happens — will be considered after a bipartisan advisory committee reviews it.

“If a request is received, this authorization is determined by the Secretary of Homeland Security after consultation with a congressional advisory committee which includes the Speaker of the House, House Minority Leader, Senate Majority Leader, Senate Minority Leader, and one additional member selected by the aforementioned committee,” DHS press secretary Marsha Catron said in a statement.

Until 1968, presidential candidates were responsible for proving their own security, but Robert Kennedy’s assassination inspired the agency’s protection to be extended selectively to candidates. Generall;y, they must have raised at least $2 million and get at least 5 percent support in national polls. Trump, despite claiming that he doesn’t need fundraising, has not yet managed (despite his best efforts) to raise the required $2 million to be considered a viable candidate with regard to Secret Service detail:

Interestingly, most of Trump’s “raised” money — $1.8 million — is self-financed. If he does reach the minimum threshold required to receive taxpayer-funded protection, it will be because he effectively bought it.

Despite that he doesn’t qualify for protection and has not asked for it, conservatives at World Net Daily are convinced that there’s some sort of evil, anti-Trump conspiracy:

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No one can deny that Trump is popular with closet racists and others on the Right. Of course, his popularity is the only one of several qualifiers for Secret Service protection that The Donald has met. But, hey, facts don’t matter, right, Conservatives? Not as long as you can pretend that one of your own is being persecuted.

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