Bobby Jindal Gets Humiliated By ABC Host Who Has To Inform Him That ISIS Doesn’t Have Planes (VIDEO)

Bobby Jindal was totally humiliated on national television by ABC host, Martha Raddatz, who called out the Louisiana governor for talking out of his ass about ISIS.

On Sunday, the Republican presidential wannabe made a complete fool of himself while talking about how to deal with ISIS.

Despite having virtually zero support in the polls, Jindal somehow still thinks he can win the GOP nomination. As usual, however, Jindal only embarrassed himself on national television, and proved that doesn’t have a clue when it comes to foreign policy.

During an appearance on ABC with Martha Raddatz, Jindal struggled to explain his plan to defeat ISIS and stabilize the region. Raddatz repeatedly shot down each of his points and had to inform him that his ideas were either totally unnecessary or have already been tried and didn’t work.

“That has been a complete failure,” Raddatz told Jindal point blank about his call to train Syrian rebels to fight ISIS. “The Obama administration said, essentially, that it wasn’t working.”

Jindal then insisted that the Obama Administration must be doing something wrong then.

“The reality is that they’ve dithered, they’ve waited so long that we’ve got fewer good options. If they’d have aggressively trained those rebels in the beginning, if they had armed and trained the Kurds, we’d be in a different place.”

But Raddatz challenged Jindal by explaining that the Syrian rebels have no interest in fighting ISIS because they are too busy trying to overthrow the current government.

Jindal then back-peddled and claimed that we should just be arming and training the Kurds, but it only became more clear that Jindal doesn’t know what he is talking about when he told Raddatz that the United States needs to “create a no-fly zone working with our Turkish and other allies.”

Raddatz was then forced to humiliate Jindal by telling him that there is no point to setting up a no-fly zone because ISIS doesn’t have any air capability.

“ISIS doesn’t have aircraft,” Raddatz said. “So what would that no-fly zone really accomplish? When has it really worked?”

In another confusing response, Jindal claimed that establishing a no-fly zone will somehow cause refugees to stop fleeing Syria, even though the violence the refugees are fleeing from is happening on the ground.

Jindal also seemed to think that the United States isn’t trying to hunt down and take out ISIS members, which drew a sharp rebuke from Raddatz, who has actually been over there witnessing how we are hunting them down.

“You don’t think that’s what they’re doing now? We’ve had thousands and thousands of airstrikes. ISIS is not a traditional army. The reason — and I’ve been out on an aircraft carrier, I have seen those jets coming back with their bombs still attached. Because they can’t drop bombs in congested areas. They can’t risk killing innocent civilians in those areas.”

Here’s the video via YouTube.

Once again, Bobby Jindal gets humiliated on national television by someone who knows more about foreign policy and the crisis in the Middle East than he does. He’s acting like he’s so intelligent and tough while Raddatz is informing him and reminding us that he’s actually just an idiot who desperately wants someone to vote for him.

Featured Image via The Daily Banter