Israeli Soldiers Surround Palestinian Woman At Bus Station, Then Open Fire (VIDEO)

A video has been released that shows scenes of a shooting at a bus station in Afula, just south of Nazareth in Israel. A Palestinian woman is surrounded by Israeli security forces, her hands in the air, then shot repeatedly before she falls to the ground.

The woman has since been named by the Shin Bet security service as 30-year-old Asraa Zidan Tawfik Abed. The reason for her killing is not yet clear.

Israeli media and security forces have stated she is a terrorist and attempted to stab a soldier. The IDF released a tweet on the matter with their trademark braggadocio.

There is if course one problem with this argument, and that is: whatever happened before cameras began rolling, the woman is clearly in surrender and no threat to the armed Israelis when she is shot.

The other issue here, is how many times are we going to go through the process of Israeli armed forced killing Palestinians, conjuring an excuse, and moving on – when so often these excuses are later found to be untrue? Israeli Army spokesperson Col. Peter Lerner is even on the record arguing that Israel needs no evidence to kill Palestinians. These excuses are simply to make these deaths more palatable to a western audience.

You don’t have to take my word for it. Veteran Jewish-Israeli journalist Gideon Levy wrote a stinging editorial in Haaretz entitled “Israeli Propaganda Isn’t Fooling Anyone Except Israelis” earlier this year which could have not have made things plainer:

“And propaganda shall cover for everything. We’ll say terrorism, we’ll shout anti-Semitism, we’ll scream delegitimation, we’ll cite the Holocaust; we’ll say Jewish state, gay-friendly, drip irrigation, cherry tomatoes, aid to Nepal, Nobel Prizes for Jews, look what’s happening in Syria, the only democracy, the greatest army.” he wrote.

“We’ll wail that the whole world is against us and wants to destroy us, no less.”

“Of course, it won’t work indefinitely. It hasn’t worked in any country in history, no matter how strong and well-established, not even in the mightiest empires. Justice always triumphs in the end, even if very belatedly. And justice says that Israel cannot continue to tyrannize another people forever.”

In the meantime, scores of Palestinians are routinely jailed, maimed or killed, or have their homes destroyed, or their assets seized – totally outside of any due process of system of justice. Today alone Israeli forces opened fire on a non-violent demonstration at the border fence in the Shuja’iyyah neighborhood of Gaza. Six Palestinians were killed, and sixty were injured. They will get no justice either.

How much longer will the West continue to stand by while this despicable occupation continues? Our governments are on the wrong side of history. But that doesn’t mean we have to be. As the BDS movement continues to escalate and provide a successful, non-violent means to confront the Israeli state when governments have failed, we move ever closer to the inevitable end of an unjust status quo. But we can never move quickly enough for the people whose lives are overshadowed, disrupted, and ended in the mean time.

Featured image via YouTube screen capture