Move Over Kim Davis, Right Wing America’s Latest Hero Is More Batsh*t Crazy Than You (VIDEO)

You had a great run, Kim Davis. Your sterling defense of bigotry elevated you from the anonymity of a Kentucky County clerk, to the focus of public rallies put on by GOP presidential candidates. But like a dog with a chew toy, the Conservative media has spit you out to chomp on something new — and this guy is even more batsh*t crazy than you.

Breitbart sounded practically breathless about the right’s new emerging hero, David Jaques, the publisher of the conservative newspaper the Roseburg Beacon.

via Breitbart

via Breitbart

After the shootings at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon, which left nine people dead, and yet more injured, Jaques has been using his paper to whip up public anger in the town. Not at the NRA, or the Republicans on their payroll who helped make the shooting possible with their nonexistent gun laws. No. Instead, he’s stirring up visceral hatred for President Obama for attempting to limit access to guns by lunatics like the shooter. You really couldn’t make it up.

His efforts have won him massive coverage across conservative media, all the way up to Bill O’Reilly’s show on Fox News. As a guest on O’Reilly Factor, Jaques didn’t disappoint. He told the host that the president is “not welcome” in Roseburg because people think he will, “grandstand for political purposes.” He went on to say,

“He wants to come to our community, and stand on the corpses of our loved ones, and make some kind of political point.”


But who is this guy? Our friends at Crooks and Liars did some digging into Jaques’ background and it turns out that (surprise!) he and his paper are conspiracy theorist nutjobs.

First, he was a key consultant for the Congressional campaign of Art Robinson, a candidate who stated that the AIDS epidemic had been grossly exaggerated by the U.S government in a bid to force social engineering experiments on public schools.

Then he went on to publish the Roseburg Beacon, which runs lunatic stories like this.

via The Roseburg Beacon

While in his personal time, such as on Jaques’s personal Facebook page, he favorites a group called Americans for the Restoration of Freedom, which posts items such as a claim that Hurricane Joaquin was the product of “geoengineering,” as well as an assertion that the Justice Department’s Strong Cities Network is an anti-Constitution U.N. plot. There’s also this:

via Facebook

So, like we said, sorry Kim Davis. You made a valiant effort to epitomize the very worst the conservative movement had to offer, but as you well know, they are always capable of sinking lower.

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