Frauds: Jill Duggar And Hubby Rejected By Church As Missionaries For ‘Lack Of Education’

Not too long ago, Jill (Duggar) Dillard and her husband Derick were scrutinized by fans for collecting money for a mission to El Salvador that never seemed to materialize. Fans were instead fed images of the couple and their newborn son on what appeared to be a vacation to the impoverished nation, seemingly to prove they actually knew where El Salvador was.

The plea for cash began in June, when they announced they would be missionaries commissioned by their home church. Derick Dillard wrote on his blog that “The commissioning consisted of our pastor leading the congregation in praying for our family as we work on the mission field.”

Fans were of course ecstatic, because a Duggar was about to embark on something that may require actual work rather than collecting a check and being famous for nothing other than their ability to be born and procreate. It wasn’t long before even die-hard fans became skeptics, as it appeared the couple spent more time flying to and from family functions than they did doing any actual mission work.

Come to find out, that was exactly the case. The Dillards weren’t missionaries sanctioned by anyone. They had applied for missionary status with the Southern Baptist Convention, but unfortunately missionary work requires something no Duggar or their spouse have any chance of obtaining: an education.

Derick Dillard’s qualifying for funding would require a bachelor’s degree from one of SBC’s accredited universities. Between 20 and 30 hours of graduate studies covering subjects including theology, evangelism, and biblical studies would also be required. He has…none of those things. He reportedly did spend two whole weeks in language school.

For Jill to qualify as a missionary spouse and receive funding, she would have to complete 12 hours of study at an accredited college, not 12 years of homeschooling at Duggar elementary.

Fans are now even more livid, as the Dillards apparently have no intention of explaining where the donation money, taken by the “Dillard Family Ministries” went. As a tax-exempt religious organization, they probably won’t ever have to.

Featured image from the Dillard Family Blog