Proof That Donald Trump is Your Annoying Drunk Neighbor (VIDEO)

Someone has finally cracked the case on why Donald Trump seems so relatable (to some) — it’s because he is everyone’s drunk neighbor!

You know, that annoying neighbor who is always sitting outside luring you into their drunken rants?  It turns out, they are basically reciting any given Trump speech, and Friend Dog Studios has proven it.

The comedy team consisting of Ben Auxier, Brian Huther and Seth Macchi created the hilarious — and slightly frightening — parody video using real sound bites from the candidate, and it is perfection.

Dressed in over-the-top flag attire with a beer in hand, the actor nails it as he pantomimes some of the most infamous Trump-isms.

Drunk neighbor Trump begins:

“We’re going to talk about a lot of different subjects… and.. you know… it’s nice… it’s Friday night… what the heck right?”

He goes through all of the annoying stages of drunk, just like that neighbor you are awkwardly trapped in conversation with.  

From awkwardly grabbing your face as he declares:

“George, Mexico does not like us… Mexico is not our friend.  Mexico is the new China”

Right up to attempting to light his cigarette backwards before explaining how badly he wants to help women with health issues. All the drunk annoying bases are covered here.

“You know, any body that likes me I like!” Drunk neighbor Trump says as he lounges back in his arm chair on the patio, bud light in hand, and pile of cigarettes in the ashtray next to him.

The video has received some massive praise on Facebook, but naturally, those drunk neighbors appear to be on social media as well.

Faceboook user Pete Mazzilli responded:

“Funny ..but he’s the only one who has the right ideas to fix our major problems …if u people would stop being influenced by what u see on the news and the paper and think for yourself u might see that …do you want to build our military wants to put up a border you can fix the economy what is wrong with that you people are really pissing me off if you don’t like that stuff you must not be real Americans go somewhere else”  

The group is taking the criticism in stride however, responding:

“Studies suggest punctuation can help prevent strokes! Love you!”

 Featured image via YouTube screen capture