Great News For Kim Davis–Studio Offers Her $500K For A Little Bi-Racial Lesbian Action

Kentucky bigot and useless person extraordinaire Kim Davis continues to grace the news feeds of people who are just far too tired of hearing about her to care anymore. Personally, I couldn’t care less where Kim Davis’ 3rd marriage to her 2nd husband happened. I haven’t followed which kids were born to which boyfriend while she was married to what husband. I don’t care about how God touched her unless she’s pressing charges, and I certainly don’t need to know every time she says something stupid.

Like millions of others Americans, I’ve had enough. I swore upside down, left, right and sideways that I was all done writing about anything related to this buffoon and her fifteen minutes. But then, alas, the miraculous happened. A story came across my news feed that was so ridiculous that the very premise made me chuckle. How could I not share this with my fellow Kim Davis haters?

According to Death and Taxes, topical pornography producers the Dogfart Network have allegedly offered Davis a half a million dollars to do a scene for them. The catch? Why, it has to be a lesbian scene, of course. To ice that cake — that if you’re like me you will never be able to un-see — the scene must also include someone other than a caucasian. $500,000 to Davis for a (no less than) bi-racial lesbian scene. Perhaps the people at Dogfart want to see if Davis is as bigoted about race as she is about LGBTs.

From a Dogfart press release:

“We here at Dogfart have always believed in equality. We have interracial sites, gay sites, straight sites, and we think Kim Davis has been appalling. We are giving her a chance at a redemption. We are willing to drop half a million bucks for Kim to come out to our studio and shoot an Interracial Lesbian scene for our network.”

Davis, whose former indiscretions include multiple marriages steeped in adultery and children born out of wedlock, claims she has been saved and forgiven through baptism when she was “reborn.” If it’s really that simple, could she not merely do it again after collecting the half mill? With that kind of money she could buy her very own baptismal pool.

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