Oregon Shooter’s Mom ‘Hoarded Guns Fearing They Would Become Harder To Buy’

These are the direct consequences of the National Rifle Association and right wing conservatives who generate fear in order to help make gun manufacturers more money. Laurel Harper, the mother of the Oregon shooter, was reportedly stocking up on guns and ammo because she was afraid the Obama Administration would enact tighter gun restrictions that would would make them impossible to purchase.

She allegedly told close friends after other mass shootings that she was purchasing more weapons, fearing there would be a clampdown. This comes from Shelly Steele, a woman that had hired Harper to care for her ailing son.

“She said she had multiple guns,” Steele said. “And believed wholeheartedly in the Second Amendment and wanted to get all the guns she could before someone outlawed them.”

Steele said the shooter’s mother also talked about taking her son to shooting ranges to practice. “She told my husband she just purchased some new guns a few weeks ago,” Steele told reporters. This was also a comment Harper posted on Facebook:


Interestingly, the father of the shooter, and ex-husband of the shooter’s mother, wondered how/why his son had so many weapons. “How on earth did he compile 13 guns?” he said in a CNN interview. That number is now at 14 guns.

Steele even said that Harper told her that Chris was “sickly” when he was a child and had some “mental problems,” and possibly suffered from Asperger’s.

We now know all we need. All of these weapons were legally purchased and there were no laws broken in buying these weapons. Some belonged to the shooter and some to his mother, but it seems the apple of mental illness doesn’t fall far from the tree.. That is, if his mother was building an arsenal. Yet, we’ll never fix our mental health system. We only allow special interests to instigate it.

Right-wing outlets, like Breitbart, are helping fuel the conspiracy that Obama is going to seize 300 million Americans’ guns that are now held by private citizens. It’s been seven years since President Obama was sworn in and he’s only got one year left. If he hasn’t taken your guns by now, he’s not going to. A basic understanding of government and how laws actually work will dismantle that illogical fear. Congress would have to okay this move and it would violate more than just the precious 2nd Amendment. It would violate the 4th Amendment as well.

But as everyone knows, a good marketing campaign doesn’t have to be true to be effective. Perception has become reality for many people. An arsenal was assembled by a mother who believed the government was coming for her guns, and the only way to protect herself was to stock up. Thanks to her paranoia and those who profit off of that paranoia, nine people were killed.

Feature image via Instagram and Wikimedia