Watch Hillary Clinton Blast Mike Huckabee And Kim Davis Like A Boss At HRC Dinner (VIDEO)

Saturday night was the Human Rights Campaign’s annual dinner and, as always, they boasted big names who support equal rights on their list of speakers. One of those big names was former Secretary of State and Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Clinton was there with bells on and minced no words when it came to how she felt about people who would use their official positions to discriminate against LGBT people. First, Clinton made light-hearted banter about how it would be nice to be able to kick back a bit since the SCOTUS ruling that made marriage equality the law of the land. Then, her tone turned deadly serious.

“I wish that all the progress that we’ve made was so secure and so deeply-ingrained in our laws and values that we didn’t have to keep constantly defending it,” she said, before going on to make a strong and clear call for Congress to make the Equality Act the law of the land as well, so that we can finally outlaw discrimination of all and any kind against LGBT people. Clinton continued:

“But we’re not there yet. There are still public officials doing everything in their power to interfere with your rights. There are still too many places where lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Americans are targeted for harassment and violence.”

After that, Clinton’s attention turned to Mike Huckabee, who, of course, was the number one supporter of bigoted Rowan County, Kentucky clerk Kim Davis for “literally standing in the courthouse door in Kentucky calling for people to join him in resisting a Supreme Court ruling, celebrating a county clerk who’s breaking the law by denying other Americans their constitutional rights.”

Clinton went on to re-enforce her support of the Equality Act, which she reminded everyone would “finally outlaw discrimination against LGBT people.”

Of course, she is right. And she has done what no one on the GOP side of the aisle will do, it seems– which is to be brave enough to call out Mike Huckabee by name, and to give him a very public and well-deserved tongue-lashing over his insistence that some bigoted county clerk’s religion trumps federal law.

That is really what it comes down to: anyone who would do something like that, is unfit to be president, as such a person clearly does not understand the concept of true equality under the law, nor does he have any understanding of the role of the courts in the interpretation of our laws.

Thanks for your support, Mrs. Clinton. What an awesome speech.

Watch the brilliance unfold below:

Featured image via video screen capture from  Raw Story