Kim Davis Finally Got The SNL Mockery She Deserves And It Was Spectacular (VIDEO)

Albeit Kim Davis really needs to get out of our news feeds and shoved into the dustbin of irrelevance, she finally got the Saturday Night Live treatment she deserves.

She’s a mockery of Christianity and everything the Christ she supposedly worships stands for, so it was certainly befitting for the Kentucky County Clerk to finally get her just deserts and be mocked magnificently by the infamous show that was likely chomping at the bit to come back and lampoon her.

It’s bad enough the woman, as an elected official to serve the public, refused to do her job and serve the public in its entirety, but then she played martyr as she got thrown in prison for not doing her job. Her refusal to sign marriage licenses is still ongoing and she likely has more legal trouble ahead.

As Davis’ story progresses it just becomes more and more sickening: she was used as a sideshow for Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee to pretend he’s holier than thou by holding her up, and she got a meeting with Pope Francis. It’s still unclear why she got a meeting, and the Vatican is backing away slowly from that misstep.

However, it was during the opening monologue of the season premiere of SNL, hosted by Miley Cyrus, that Davis was finally trivialized.

Cyrus sang “My Way” as memories from the summer were revisited by the cast. Davis, wasn’t the only one to be mocked, however. Rachel Dolezal was satirized, as well as the dentist who killed Cecil the lion, Jared Fogle, and many more. Pope Francis was also visibly seen trying to distance himself from Davis.

SNL castmember Aidy Bryant’s imitation of Davis was beyond brilliant and spot on. One might’ve actually believed the real Country Clerk was invited to be on the show.

Kudos to SNL for finally mocking Davis the way she deserves to forever be mocked. She’s a sham of a Christian and an even worse public official.

Video/Featured image: YouTube