Bill Maher Says GOP Christians Should Give Up On Jesus Worship Donald Trump Instead

Bill Maher was raised as a good Catholic boy, so the now-atheist comedian actually knows a thing or two about the Real Jesus. On Friday’s Real Time with Bill Maher, he wagged his finger at the GOP for distorting the Jesus record on socialist policies.

Republicans today have traded in the real Jesus, the one that supports eradicating poverty and helping the sick, and instead swapped him out with “supply-side Jesus,” who Maher says is the perfect conservative– “a small businessman from Galilei whose main gripe is big government who wants to make Nazareth great again … He’d love to help the less fortunate, but he’s got investors to think about!”

The GOP should thus trade in “Socialist Jesus,” and instead worship “Pharma Bro!”  You remember,  Martin Shkreli, who bought an HIV/AIDS drug that cost pharma something ridiculous like a penny to make but was charging $17.50 and upped the price to $750 per pill before he caved to public pressure. Shkreli isn’t alone in his worship of the Almighty Dollar. Maher points out that just fifteen years ago life-saving cancer treatment cost around $10,000 a year. Today, cancer treatment costs more like $10,000 per month.

“This cartel owns the US government every bit as much as Mexican drug lords own theirs,” Maher joked, a little too on the nose. “To all the conservatives who still parrot the line that Obamacare is a government takeover, please then explain, why guys like Martin Shkreli are still calling the shots. He’s not a bureaucrat who works for the government. He’s a hedge fund manager who works for the devil.”

Given that this news story of capitalist worship ran alongside coverage of Pope Francis’s first visit to America, Maher said it “exposed just how little the so-called Christians of the far right believe in what Jesus actually said.”

Since “Supply-Side Jesus” is their new God, the GOP should really just give up on Socialist Jesus and agree Donald Trump is the lost Apostle.

After all, Trump “says his two favorite books are the Bible and The Art Of The Deal,” Maher said. “One is about a perfect God who teaches humanity the right way to live. And the other is the Bible.”

My grandfather and I have spent countless hours pointing out the exact same philosophy about right wing republicans who worship the likes of Kim Davis while rewriting stories of compassion and love to fit their ideology. If there’s one thing the GOP does best, it’s distort reality to help justify their sinful practice of Christianity.

Watch the clip below:


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