Serial Right-Wing Harasser ‘Journalist’ Publishes 14-Year-Old Ahmed Mohamed’s Phone Number

The right-wing serial harasser and self-described “journalist” Chuck C. Johnson has outdone himself — this time posting the alleged phone number of the 14-year-old child who recently made headlines for his arrest over a clock.

Ahmed Mohamed is a 9th grade student with a collection of awards for his love of invention who was recently arrested for bringing to school a homemade clock to impress his engineering teacher.

He was subsequently invited to the White House, given a large amount of gifts from Microsoft, and invited to the Google Science Fair.

In a post to titled “Breaking: Here is #Ahmed’s Phone Number So You Can Ask Him Questions The Media Won’t #IStandWithAhmed,” the deranged cyber bully expressed his jealousy over Mohamed’s “media tour” and released what he claimed to be the minor’s personal phone number.

Johnson claims to have obtained the number, which is currently out of service, from the teen’s now shut down YouTube account.

Johnson wrote:

“Without further ado here is Mohamed’s phone number which we obtained from his now closed YouTube account.

‘i will give you my phone number and you can subscribe my vidio and
contact me OK.
214 *** ****”

comment from ahmed the clock boy on his youtube, if you want to dox him’

The “journalist” went on to suggest that his readers harass the high school student, even suggesting questions to ask him, such as why his sister was expelled from school and how he builds CPUs.

This is not Johnson’s first time making headlines for being a completely out-of-control jerk.

In May, Johnson received his fifth Twitter account suspension after starting a fund to “take out” Ferguson civil rights activist Deray McKesson.

His previous vicious publicity stunts include:

  • Publishing the alleged name and incorrect photo of the UVA rape victim following the story in Rolling Stone
  • Publishing addresses of two New York Times reporters
  • Publishing contact info of Ferguson-based reporters Julie Bosman and Campbell Robertson
  • Publishing personal information on the Dallas nurse who contracted ebola
  • Publishing the deceased Michael Brown’s social media accounts

By definition, terrorism is “the use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims,” many argue that Johnson’s desperate publicity stunts would qualify.

Main Image via Chuck Johnson/Facebook