Senate Votes To Fund Planned Parenthood, Leaving Shutdown To The Flying Monkeys In The House

Ted Cruz and the rest of the anti-choice zealots can feel free to suck it. The U.S. Senate on Wednesday passed a continuing resolution to fund the government through December 11 of this year. The dangerously short lifespan of the funding notwithstanding, the good news out of the 78-20 vote is that the resolution didn’t contain any line items for de-funding Planned Parenthood. In other words, and to the awesome chagrin of Ted Cruz and the others, the Senate voted by a supermajority margin to continue funding Planned Parenthood in spite of the nonsensical rage of the Tea Party crowd.

A provision for de-funding Planned Parenthood was originally contained in the bill, but was amazingly stripped out, obviously because cooler Republican heads have prevailed. Clearly, there are still reasonable Republicans in the U.S. Senate who recognize how self-defeating it is to shut down the government.

The resolution now goes to the Flying Monkey caucus in the House of Representatives where zealots like Louie Gohmert and Steve King will attempt to bottle up any measures to fund the government that don’t contain language that de-funds Planned Parenthood. As of this writing, the House Rules Committee is deciding whether to attach a de-funding amendment to the continuing resolutions. They’ll have until midnight Wednesday night to pass or balk. After that, to paraphrase one of their own, the radical anti-choice Republicans will shut that whole thing down.

And that’s their endgame, obviously: to once again shut down the government over a single issue. Last time, it was Obamacare. This time, it’s a series of provably fake videos that claim to indict Planned Parenthood for crimes it hasn’t committed — with seven state investigations and a federal investigation overruling the false claims in the videos.

But as we witnessed during the He-Man Woman Haters Club hearings in which a handful of sexually repressed white men with tiny penises tried and failed to bully Planned Parenthood’s Cecile Richards in Congress on Tuesday, the House is packed with cranks and grandstanders who will not hesitate to shut down the government.

Why? Because of the fetuses. The far-right will do anything to protect the fetuses, but we should dare bother suggesting more funding for SCHIP or paid maternity leave or anything else that might make post-natal life more comfortable for children who are actually birthed. If the GOP really wanted to get something done on this front, they’d offer a menu of additional programs to make abortion less necessary, such as more funding for contraception and sex education without ineffectual “abstinence” curriculum. But they won’t. As with Obamacare, they’re perfectly satisfied to cut off healthcare access to millions of Americans without anything to replace it. Again, once you’re birthed, you’re screwed.

Featured image via video screen capture.