Watch Mansplaining GOP Congressman Repeatedly Interrupt Planned Parenthood President (VIDEO)

UPDATED below.

Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards testified before a hostile Republican-controlled House committee Tuesday — fielding an onslaught of fiction and misogyny from the panel. One of the most heated exchanges came when Utah GOP congressman Jason Chaffetz chose to hurl slabs of red meat to his supporters in the form of obnoxiously grilling Richards, while refusing to let her answer his questions without repeatedly interrupting her with condescending mansplaining.

For example:

CHAFFETZ: Do any of these funds go to the Democratic Republic of the Congo?

RICHARDS: Congressman, let me tell you–

CHAFFETZ: No, no, no. We don’t have time for a big narrative.

RICHARDS: I’m not going to give you a narrative–

CHAFFETZ: Yes or no.

Of course the answer demands a narrative. If Richards had answered “no,” and Planned Parenthood money went to an NGO within the DRC, Chaffetz would screech about perjury. If she answered “yes,” and wasn’t allowed to elaborate, then Chaffetz could nail her on giving money to a despotic regime. It’s a no-win without the narrative and Chaffetz knew it.

Later, Chaffetz hectored Richards about her annual salary, culminating in the following:

CHAFFETZ: Your compensation in 2009 was $353,000. Is that correct?

RICHARDS: I don’t have the figures with me, but–

CHAFFETZ: It was. Congratulations.

Yeah, it must really sting Chaffetz knowing that an uppity woman makes twice as much as him, and that this woman’s organization is, in reality, saving millions of lives every year through cancer and HIV screenings, while preventing hundreds of thousands of abortions per year through contraceptive services. It must be hell for Chaffetz knowing how the only chunks of substance he has at his disposal are a series of deceptively edited videos and Richards’ annual paycheck. And in the absence of facts, all he can do is act like a pissant — a butthurt ghoul with zero sense of dignity or civility during an on-the-record congressional proceeding.

Especially on #PinkOut Day, everyone should see this video — men and women alike. It’s a near-perfect illustration of the kind of treatment too many women face every day regardless of the degree of male domination. This is how far the GOP has descended into being the He-Man Woman Haters Club. It’s really a miracle any of them are capable of finding partners who will procreate with them.


UPDATE: Chaffetz also blindsided Richards with the following deceptive chart. See if you can tell what’s so ridiculous about it (click to enlarge).


The chart appears to show that cancer screenings declined at the same rate as abortions increased. WRONG. If you look closely at the numbers, cancer screening declined at a slower rate than abortions increased, while there are still three times the number of cancer screenings than abortion procedures performed. Another Republican lie to go along with the lies in the videos.

Featured image via video screen capture.