Pastor Says ‘Christian Women Are a Lot Prettier’ Than Other ‘Lumberjack Dykes’ And ‘Easy Lays’

Ladies, do you feel unattractive today? Maybe it’s because you’re a secular heathen or a dirty Humanist. Pastor Douglas Wilson considers himself “an evangelical, postmill, Calvinist, Reformed, and Presbyterian, pretty much in that order,” and doesn’t tend to “pastor” anywhere specifically other than his website. He wants you to know that you might be feeling unattractive today because you might not be a Christian. You see, Christians, he writes, are a lot prettier.

“Now that Christ has come, and the process of rebuilding the great ruin has begun,” he writes. “And women must be rebuilt in the area of glory, learning how to be a true glory, without ostentatious or seductive display. This is why apostles in the New Testament spend a surprising amount of time instructing Christian women on the importance of being beautiful…”

Uhh… okay. I’m just going to remind him that Jesus spent a whole lot of time with a prostitute. Just saying. But wait, there’s more:

“Unbelieving women either compete for the attention of men through outlandish messages that communicate some variation of ‘easy lay,’ or in the grip of resentment they give up the endeavor entirely, which is how we get lumberjack dykes. The former is an avid reader of Cosmopolitan and thinks she knows 15K ways to please a man in bed. The latter is just plain surly about the fact that there even are any men.”

First off, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I find the lumberjack dyke to be incredibly sexy. Let’s be honest, flannel is super soft. But here’s one of the sexiest bisexual women I’ve ever seen. Angelina is conventionally beautiful for sure, but her service to the world (not as a submissive wife) shows her soul. While she does hold a belief in a higher power, she certainly isn’t an Evangelical Christian. If Pastor Doug thinks she’s not pretty, he’s got problems.

Where I do agree, is that Cosmopolitan is a nonsense place for pointers on what makes someone beautiful, but so is the Bible. While Cosmo has cleaned up their act a little bit with actual news and politics around women’s issues, the tabloid style beauty tips might be fine if it didn’t prioritize emphasizing your appearance to please someone else. Wouldn’t it be great if fashion tips came in the form of prioritizing comfort, or a professional appearance?

As for being an “easy lay,” what the hell kind of women is this guy hanging out with? Sex before marriage doesn’t make you an “easy lay,” and liking sex with your partner doesn’t make you an “easy lay” or a slut. It makes you human. For every article about “pleasing him in bed,” I can promise you Maxim and Men’s Health has an article about “pleasing her in bed.” Does that mean men aren’t Godly? By this logic, it does.

How about agreeing that whatever we find attractive is attractive. If that means you have a fetish for Christians then knock yourself out. If you have a fetish for public service and good will without organized religion being tied to it, then that’s attractive to you. Let’s avoid denigrating and disrespecting women because of your own personal preference and scapegoating the responsibility by blaming God.

Featured image via Facebook.