Kim Davis Goes On Fox News For Sympathy, Twitter Eviscerates Her (TWEETS)

Like all right-wing heroes looking to keep cashing in on America’s bigotry, embattled county clerk Kim Davis went on Fox News to plead her case on the one network where people are most likely to share her bigoted views. There’s just one problem with that, though: Even the people at Fox know that Davis is on the wrong side of the law. When Mike Huckabee held a religious liberty hate rally in Davis’s honor as she was being released from her six-day jail stay for contempt of court, Fox host Shepard Smith actually interrupted the live coverage in order to rail against the, quote, “haters,” supporting Davis’s nonsense. And when she went on Fox News to plead her case to Megyn Kelly, she didn’t get the kind of support she thought she would from the conservative network, either.

The best part, though, isn’t the one network where Davis was sure she’d get sympathy calling her on her bullshit. It’s the hilarious twitter treatment she got yet again because of her shameful attempt. Here are just a few oh-so-true gems from that particularly brutal social network.

One of the best came from activist Dan Savage. Hope the media takes his advice.

Another sobering truth bomb comes from Towleroad:

Someone also found her one gay friend, and even he calls her an embarrassment:

Yet others come from regular Twitter users who rail her as only Twitter can:

And more just like these are still pouring in from various news outlets and twitter users. Mrs. Davis, it is time to step down, seriously. You can’t win this. The only thing you’re doing– and I suspect this is the real reason you’re still clerk of Rowan County– is to keep getting interviews and donation in your quest for Christian martyrdom.

I suggest you give it up though, because you don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of staying out of jail if you continue to refuse to do your job, and you still won’t resign. Face it, your beliefs do not belong in public office. If you cannot separate the two, it is time to step down. Hell, I would say that you could be up for a gig on Fox News, but even they aren’t on board with you. If that doesn’t tell you how wrong you are on this one, I don’t know what will.

Featured image via video screen capture