Texas Republican Group Tweets Link To Outrageous Anti-Muslim Blog Post

Ben Carson’s recent comments about Islam seem to have sparked a revival of loud anti-Muslim commentary among Republicans. But a Texas GOP group that promoted an outrageous anti-Islam post appears to have had second thoughts, and backed down. However, since nothing that gets deleted on the internet is ever really deleted, of course we have their post for you.

On September 21, the site Conservative Daily News ran a piece by someone named “Bob Russell” titled “Islam is a Satanic Cult of murder, not a ‘religion.'” In that piece, which is filled with hatred directed towards all Muslims, Russell says things like this:

“They are evil people who murder more moslems than “infidels”. Sunnis kill Shiites because they aren’t Sunni and the other sect of the cult does the same. I have not seen members of one denomination of Christianity kill members of another denomination of Christianity and don’t expect that to ever happen. I can’t imagine Baptists killing Methodists for some unknown reason as we see in the satanic cult of islam.”

Russell apparently slept through the decades-long unrest in Northern Ireland, where battle lines were drawn between Catholic and Protestant, and members of both of those sects routinely committed heinous acts of violence against the other.

Notice that Russell uses the term “moslems.” While that might be an accidental misspelling, it’s more likely that it was done intentionally. Some sites claim that “Moslem” is just a variant of “Muslim.” But History News Network says that “Moslem” refers to “one who is evil and unjust.”

In his screed against Islam, Russell also attacks those who he believes support the “Satanic Cult.” Namely the Catholic Church, and of course, liberals. He even goes after George W. Bush, who he calls a “traitor and a coward.”

All of this hatred was apparently just fine with someone who has access to the Travis County, Texas GOP Twitter account. Late on Monday evening, they posted the following tweet:

via Texas Freedom Network

via Texas Freedom Network

According to the Texas Freedom Network, the tweet stayed up until Tuesday morning, then it disappeared.

People like Russell never mention the fact that the atrocities that they think are so reprehensible are committed by a tiny minority of the world’s estimated 1.6 billion Muslims. Just like the atrocities that are committed by the KKK, violent anti-abortion activists, and other Christians such as former Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic are representative of a very small group of the world’s Christians. Russell and his Republican allies would never dream of blaming Christianity for the ethnic cleansing of Muslims that Karadzic carried out. But when ISIS claims to be doing something in the name of Islam, then Russell and other Muslim haters such as Franklin Graham hold the entire religion responsible.

The GOP has been casually referred to as America’s “religious party” for some time now. By making their bed with anti-Muslim extremists like Bob Russell and Pam Geller, and by refusing to condemn anti-Muslim statements in their ranks, such as the ones made by Ben Carson and Donald Trump, Republicans are advocating a modern crusade against Muslims, and taking the U.S. down the road to religious sectarianism.

Featured image via Wikipedia/Twitter composite