Mathematician Declares War On Kansas Republicans For Committing Election Fraud (VIDEO)

A Wichita State University statistician is on a mission to prove that Kansas Republicans have committed election fraud.

Kansas Republicans should be shaking in their boots right about now. Because mathematician Beth Clarkson is taking them to court to force Secretary of State Kris Kobach to release voting records that would prove that Republicans committed election fraud to help them maintain control over the state.

According to Brad Blog,

Clarkson has found that computer-reported results from larger precincts in the state, with more than 500 voters, show a “consistent” statistical increase in votes for the Republican candidates in general elections (and even a similar increase for establishment GOP candidates versus ‘Tea Party’ challengers during Republican primaries). Those results run counter to conventional political wisdom that Democrats perform better in larger, more urban precincts.

But Kansas’ sleazy Secretary of State went to court to stop Sedgwick County from releasing valuable voting records that would show a suspicious pattern. The county is the second most populous county in the state and includes Wichita, the most populous city. So if there has been election fraud, the voting records in Sedgwick County could blow the scandal wide open.

Here’s the video via KSHB:

Kansas has been under a virtual dictatorship for years as Tea Party lawmakers have turned the state into their own personal conservative utopia.

Republicans have screwed the state over repeatedly with massive tax giveaways to the rich that have created a budget shortfall in the billions of dollars that has resulted in the GOP slashing education funding to try to fill the hole they dug.

In addition, women across the state have had to suffer through one of the most restrictive anti-women agendas in the country while poor people have had to endure one attack after another by Republicans.

And considering that Kansas Governor Sam Brownback won re-election in 2014 by a 3.7 percent margin, it’s that much more important to look at the voting records to see just how much election fraud played a role in his victory.

Kansans were so close to finally getting rid of Brownback and taking back their state. Just imagine the shock waves such a defeat would have sent across the country. It would have been a major repudiation of conservative policies. But somehow, Brownback survived a challenge from a popular Democratic candidate whom even many Republicans supported. It all smells really fishy and that precisely why Clarkson is lawyering up and taking Republicans to court. They may think they are good at math, but she’s way smarter than they think they are. Let’s hope she kicks ass and takes names and reveals the GOP for the dirty cheaters they are.

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