Ann Coulter Trolls Pope Speech with Anti-Immigrant, Anti-Catholic Nonsense

Ann Coulter has done it again. Not long after Pope Francis began his speech on the north lawn of the White House, the right-wing pundit was blowing up Twitter with her latest brand of hate.

Pope Francis spoke of peace and mercy, something Ann Coulter couldn’t find with a Google Map. He began his first speech on American soil by saying that as a son of immigrants it gave him great pride to be in a country that was built by immigrants. Ann Coulter evidently saw fault with this, tweeting about “our Founding Fathers (not immigrants!!!!)” and why it was good that they didn’t “trust” Catholics.

First of all, Pope Francis said that he was the son of immigrants. Since many of our Founding Fathers were sons of immigrants he does indeed share something in common with them.

Secondly, he said that immigrants helped build this country. From landing on Plymouth to building the United States Interstate system to the new World Trade Center, immigrants helped and continue to help build and improve America. Just because you don’t like the facts doesn’t make them untrue.

Finally, our Founding Fathers hated the idea of religion being used as a blunt instrument of oppression. You have to understand, America was founded on a freedom from religion. From. George Washington was an Anglican in name only, but was actually a Deist. In fact, most Founding Fathers were Deists. Deism probably seems a little different in what we think of when we talk about religion today, but Deists believed in God, they just didn’t believe God was all that involved in the daily affairs of you, me, and the rest of the world.

John Adams totally rejected the idea of the divinity of Jesus. While scholars debate James Madison, most lump him in with Deism as well. Most people can’t even figure out Thomas Jefferson because his beliefs seem to be all over the place and inconsistent with any specific church or dogma.

So, don’t get all high and mighty with your anti-Catholicism, Ann. Just because Pope Francis is more liberal than you are, doesn’t mean you have to bash every single one of the 1.2 billion Roman Catholics in the world. We live in a civilized society now. You might think about living like it.

Feature image by Gage Skidmore/Flickr.