Anti-Muslim Paranoia Forces ‘Clock Boy’ Ahmed Mohamed To Withdraw From School (VIDEO)

Anti-Muslim paranoia has claimed more victims, as the family of Ahmed Mohamed has pulled him and their other children out of the Texas school district that had him arrested over his homemade clock.

Mohamed El-Hassan Mohamed, the boy’s father, announced on Monday that Ahmed and his siblings will be withdrawn from the Irving Independent School District. This follows the incident where Ahmed was accused of having a “hoax bomb” when he brought a clock he had built to school. Ahmed became the subject of national news after he was arrested for having the clock.

The senior Mohamed told Avi Selk of The Dallas Morning News, “Ahmed said, I don’t want to go to MacArthur.” Mohamed said that he knows his children would not be happy continuing as students in the district. He says that since the incident, Ahmed has not been eating or sleeping well.

Ahmed actually announced in a news conference last week that he would like to change schools. He has not returned to MacArthur High School since his arrest and suspension.

The family doesn’t yet know where they will send their children to school now. In addition to Ahmed, the family has two younger children in Irving ISD schools. Currently the family is spread out over two states, and they have received invitations from schools in all 50 states, according to Selk. One of those invitations came from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and Ahmed’s parents are reportedly talking to MIT representatives about schooling him there.

For the short term, Ahmed’s father says he wants to give his son a little vacation. As part of that, the family will be traveling to New York City, where they will meet with representatives of the United Nations. Then, Mohamed says, he wants to take his son on a pilgrimage to Mecca, a trip that every Muslim is expected to make at least once in his lifetime. When they return from that, Mohamed says they would like to take up President Obama on his invitation to the White House. That invitation sparked its own controversy among conservatives.

There’s no indication that any of his family harbors ill will towards anyone involved in this, in fact, the family’s response has been quite the opposite. But when Muslims in the United States and elsewhere face the type of profiling that Ahmed was subject to, due to his name and skin color, it is easy to understand why some Muslims fall under the spell of the radical teachings of groups such as ISIS. This incident over a clock is another wake up call that it is time to stop assuming that all Muslims are terrorists.

Here’s a video of the news conference where Ahmed said he would like to change schools, via CBC:

Featured image via CBC News