Racist Confederate Group Misspells Plane Banner Over #BlackLivesMatter Protest (VIDEO)

You don’t even need a parody of how racist and stupid the pro-confederate flag groups are — they are a parody in and of themselves. In their latest attempt to be racist a**holes, the group that calls themselves “The Virginia Flaggers” decided they would scrape together enough of their gold and silver to buy a plane banner and fly it over a Black Lives Matter protest that was happening at the Confederate monument in Richmond, Virginia.

The banner they put together to fly over the demonstration was to mock Black Lives Matter, and the entire event occurred during the UCI Road World Championships. However, there was one small problem — the pro-Confederate group misspelled the banner and made themselves go from looking like racist a**holes, to stupid racist a**holes.

The banner was a Confederate flag with the words “CONFEDERATE HEROS MATTER” floating in the breeze behind it.



Don’t worry though, when the group uploaded the image of their banner to Facebook, they made sure to photoshop in the correct spelling of ‘heroes:’

(Shhhh… no one will notice if we just add the ‘E’ when no one is looking…)

On their Facebook page, this is how they describe themselves:

“When needed, flaggers stand with our flags against those in opposition in a peaceful, yet forceful manner, to educate and inform the general public, and in open and visible protest against those who have attacked us, our flags, our ancestors, or our Heritage.

Flaggers speak for those who have no voice. We relay a message of Honor, Dignity, Respect, and Heritage to those who never knew, or to those who have forgotten, and to attempt to reach those who refuse to hear.

Our weapon is the Confederate Battle Flag. Our enemies are those who worship ignorance, historical revisionism and Political Correctness.

We take pride in taking a stand for the Cause. For this Cause, we call others to flock to the banner of our ancestors, take up their flags, and join us in battle, for OUR TIME IS NOW.”

Speaking of “historical revisionism,” are they aware flying this flag is the ultimate symbol of treason? It was the battle flag flown to fight against the United States of America so that southern states could maintain their right to own people as property. (That’s what it means when you hear “states’ rights”)

They’re supposed enemies are “those who worship ignorance” — so who? Themselves? It appears that way.

As for “honor, dignity, and respect” — yeah, not seeing that either. Honor for who? Respect for who? Racists? People who are proud of their slave-owning ancestors, who died for the right for rich plantation owners to own people as property and keep their ancestors out of a job. Because, let’s face it, why pay people to work, when you can own people who will do it for free? They were literally fighting to shoot themselves in the foot, because they were easy lemmings to convince them, and it still seems they haven’t gotten the memo.

The stupid abounds, and they just proved it once again with the misspelling of their hate banner.


Video/Featured image: YouTube