Teen Conservative Goes On YouTube Tirade Because ‘Clock Boy’ Got A White House Invite (VIDEO)

C.J. Pearson is back, and he’s ripping President Obama again. In case you aren’t aware of who C.J. Pearson is, he is the 13-year-old Ted Cruz-loving black conservative who has become one of the most recent darlings of the American right. He’s a pretty typical middle schooler. He thinks he knows everything, and he loves to attract attention to himself. But unlike other 13-year-olds, Pearson has a lot of adults, whose political opinions and knowledge stopped maturing at about age 13, listening to him.

Pearson’s latest anti-Obama tirade concerns Ahmed Mohamed, the Texas boy who was arrested for building a clock that a teacher thought was a “hoax bomb.” Pearson, in another adolescent hissy-fit, wants to know why President Obama would invite Mohamed to the White House, when he didn’t call the family of Kate Steinle, who was allegedly murdered by an undocumented immigrant. He also asks why the president hasn’t invited the families of murdered police officers to the White House. For good measure, Pearson throws in a comment about why it took so long to lower flags to half-staff following the killing of marines in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

It may be that Pearson’s problem is as simple as this: like Ann Coulter, he isn’t getting noticed. A few months ago, he suggested on Fox News that he would like to debate the president. President Obama did exactly what a former constitutional law professor whose abilities are questioned by someone who hasn’t made it all the way through puberty yet should do: he ignored Pearson.

If Pearson and his followers were a little more mature, they wouldn’t have to pose those Fox News style questions about President Obama’s reasons for doing, or not doing, something. The answers would be obvious.

Pearson wants the president to talk to the family of Kate Steinle because her alleged murderer is a member of a group that is one of the right’s current bogeymen. It’s not typical for a president to call the family of a civilian murder victim, no matter who is charged for the crime. Pearson might have known this if he had been around a little longer.

Likewise with Pearson’s idea that Obama should invite slain police officers’ families to the White House. That is also something that a president doesn’t typically do. If Pearson had been paying attention, instead of watching Nickelodeon, he might have been aware that the president called the widow of Texas deputy Darren Goforth to offer condolences. Pearson might have also learned that Politifact gave the claim that President Obama hasn’t recognized police killed on duty, their lowest rating: “Pants On Fire.”

Then there’s Pearson’s bonus shot, about the president taking so long to lower flags following the shooting of servicemen in Chattanooga. Again, if he were older, he would know that flags are not usually flown at half-staff when a serviceman is killed while on duty. If that were the case, flags would have flown at half-mast for most of the past 12 years.

Pearson says “you don’t get invited to the White House for building a clock.” OK, he’s right about that. But Ahmed Mohamed wasn’t invited to the White House for building a clock. He was invited to the White House because he built a clock, and when he took that clock to school to show his teachers what he had done, instead of being lauded, he was arrested. Everything about that arrest says it was because of his name, race, and religion.

C.J. Pearson is growing up. With any luck he’ll go the same route as the last pubescent right-wing hero, Jonathan Krohn. Krohn, now an adult, has moved leftward in his politics, and now says that his former opinions were “naive.” At 13, Pearson, like Krohn before him, is probably smarter than most of the adults who follow him. That means that they’ll have to go in search of a new “boy wonder” in a few years. What exactly does it say about your political beliefs, when they can be articulated by someone who hasn’t started shaving?

Here’s C.J. Pearson’s latest tantrum, via YouTube:

Feautred image via YouTube screen capture