Rand Paul On Pot Laws: ‘Americans Hate Hypocrisy’

When asked about whether he would enforce federal marijuana laws, Rand Paul took the opportunity to slam Jeb! for his hypocrisy. Bush has said that he smoked pot when he was younger yet opposes legalization of marijuana even for medical use. Paul said that…

“… what the American people don’t like about politics is hypocrisy… there’s at least one prominent example on the stage…”

Jeb! fessed up to being the person who admitted to smoking pot in high school after much hemming and hawing. Bush said that his mother probably wasn’t happy for him admitting it in front of 25 million people (can Jeb count or does he always exaggerate?).

Paul pointed out that the people who go to jail for smoking pot are usually black or Hispanic. Rich kids, he noted, don’t go to jail for it. He¬†showed an amazing amount of reason on this issue, pointing out the racial aspect of the War on Drugs and how damaging it was. He noted that for people who say they love the 10th Amendment, they seem to apply it selectively.

He also opined that Jeb! had campaigned against medical marijuana. This, Paul said, prevented sick children from getting cannabis oil and opened up their parents to prison. “If you’re against people using medical marijuana, you’ll actually put them in jail,” he told Bush.