Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters On Donald Trump: He’s ‘Pig-Ignorant’

Roger Waters, formerly of Pink Floyd, is a bit amused by presidential candidate Donald Trump, but he is absolutely not supporting him.

The fact that he wouldn’t support a Republican is probably not a surprise to anyone who knows about Waters’ politics. He’s an outspoken liberal who is well-known for protesting against war in general and specifically against Israel’s policies, although he insists that he doesn’t “have an anti-semitic bone in (his) body.”

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Waters called Trump “the epitome of anything that might be considered bad” and “entrepreneurship gone wrong.”

Waters admits he has been amused by Trump’s ideas, but only to a point. “I have [laughed] except it’s not funny that he’s as popular as he is,” Waters says. “His ideas [are] not outlandish at all. It’s American exceptionalism gone crazy and delivered under the umbrella of absolute ignorance. He is pig-ignorant and he always was and he always will be. He lives in the illusion that he’s admirable in some way. And obviously for somebody like me, he stands for everything that is not admirable in American society.”

Bam! He also says that Trump’s slogan, “Make America Great Again,” is the “worst possible slogan anybody could ever come up with. It’s silly and disgusting as well, unless they wanted to hark back to the potential.”

He doesn’t blame Trump, though, or even the Republican voters. He blames the media, saying that they only report on “a very limited section of ideas and views.”

Trump’s desire to build a wall on the Mexican border and fellow GOP candidate Scott Walker’s suggestion of a Canadian wall also irks Waters, who notes the hypocrisy inherent in a country whose population largely descended from immigrants. “There were millions of Native Americans and you killed them all,” he said. “So the idea where, oh good, we’ve got this huge very rich thing, we’re going to keep everybody … no you’re not. It’s a joke. There’s no possible way. It’s called osmosis. Human beings will travel.

Waters did not tell Rolling Stone who he would be supporting, but in another interview on Huffington Post, he did say he’d support Bernie Sanders, who is Jewish (for those who accuse Waters of being anti-semitic), saying that he “cares about the gap between the .1 percent and the other 99 percent.”

Here’s the video:

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