Jim Bakker Using Cannibalism — Again — To Scare Followers Into Buying His Survivalist Fare (VIDEO)

Sales must really be down at Jim Bakker’s Fear, Inc. ministries. Last month he was using the threat of a zombie apocalypse to try to drive those sales up. That must not have worked as well as Bakker had hoped because he’s back at it.

In a recent broadcast, Bakker warned that the End Times will bring cannibalism in their wake. Hang on — I thought folks like Bakker (pseudo-Christians, not grifters. Although…) would be frolicking in Heaven after having been Raptured up there? Maybe he doesn’t place as much trust in God as he’d have us believe. Or places more in the almighty dollar. With his history, I’m inclined to go with the latter.

Anyway, this time Bakker got all biblical to push his survivalist food:

“The Bible says they’re going to eat their arms, the Bible says they’re going to eat their babies, then it says they’re going to eat their children. That’s what people do when they get hungry.”

Your neighbors, Bakker warns, will eat their babies. Then they will come for you and yours. As if right-wing pseudo-Christian paranoia weren’t already bad enough, Bakker is trying to recreate Maple Street. But if you have buckets of Bakker’s slop food, you won’t have to worry about anything except keeping your cannibalistic neighbors away from it. Because you’re smarter than them.

And if the End Times don’t materialize? Those food buckets will still be worth their weight in gold when the government collapses. No Social Security checks because the government is broke (a myth, by the way)? No problem! Enough buckets of Bakker’s Pizza and Chicken Noodle Soup and you’ll be fine. It’s no surprise to find out one can buy it cheaper elsewhere, though, is it?

Whatever you do, though, don’t ignore Bakker’s warnings. He has to sell this stuff: it’s his moral obligation. You see, Bakker doesn’t want the blood of your grandchildren on his hands. So don’t come crying to him when you’re sharing your last pack of crackers with those poor, starving children. You should have had Bakker’s Buckets-O-Slop on hand.

Let’s look at Bakker’s citing of scripture for a minute. He is paraphrasing (loosely) Deuteronomy 28:53-57:

53 Because of the suffering your enemy will inflict on you during the siege, you will eat the fruit of the womb, the flesh of the sons and daughters the Lord your God has given you… etc.

Once again, we see why the pseudo-Christians love the Old Testament. They can quote the curses of the god of the Hebrews completely out of context to scare their sheeple. These laws in Deuteronomy were edicts for the Hebrews — and the punishments to be laid upon the tribe of Israel for ignoring them. They have nothing to do with modern times or Christians.

Jim Bakker is building another empire on the backs of his flock. This one is based on fear and it seems to be doing pretty well. Those $60 boxes of pancakes and buckets of soup really add up.

Here’s the video via Right Wing Watch:

Featured Photo via screen capture