If A Police Chief Is Not Enough Of A ‘Responsible Gun Owner’ To Avoid A Fatal Accident, Who Is? (VIDEO)

If a chief of police is not immune to a fatal gun accident, who is?

Surely one would consider a chief of police to be among those deeming themselves “responsible gun owners,” wouldn’t you say?

Discounting the possibility that the gun accident that took the life of a Lawrence County, Pennsylvania, police chief Sunday is not, actually, adding to the latest suicidal cop statistic, state police are saying 56-year-old Thomas Edward Macri “accidentally shot himself” while home alone, later to be discovered by his girlfriend.

If authorities’ version of what occurred is true, if Macri accidentally shot himself while cleaning his gun, being a responsible gun owner and chief of police, couldn’t it really happen to anyone? It happens to soldiers and it happens to law enforcement. Couldn’t it happen to anyone who owns a gun, then? Don’t you think?

This isn’t to argue that guns are dangerous and should be taken from the “cold dead hands” of the population by any means. Guns are inherently dangerous, there’s no getting around that. And that’s fine, they have their uses. Whatever. But let’s at least admit that owning and handling these dangerous weapons regularly introduces, and significantly raises, the chances that one might accidentally shoot one’s self at some point, possibly leading to death, no different than buying a motorcycle means one will have a significantly higher chance of wiping out at some point. Let’s at least speak honestly where a mistake could lead to one’s death, or another’s.

According to authorities, Macri appears to have shot himself in the process of cleaning his .40 caliber pistol. No one else was home at the time, but he was later found by his girlfriend. No foul play is suspected at this time.

Having retired from New Castle City as a police officer, Macri was serving as the chief of police in Bessemer Borough at the time of the incident. He was transported to Jameson Hospital a little after 2:00 p.m. EST and pronounced DOA – just like that tired old argument that “responsible gun owners” don’t have accidents.

Featured image via wtae.com