Undocumented Woman Ratted Out, Stalled By Staff At Gynecologist To Be Arrested And Deported

Turns out, confidentiality between a doctor and patient in the U.S. only applies if you’re a legal resident of the country. Migrants and illegal aliens can get arrested even during appointments at the gynecologist’s office, as occurred in Texas recently.

According to The Houston Press, Blanca Borrego was delayed unknowingly at her annual gynecological exam in Atascocita so that authorities could show up, arrest her, and ultimately aim to deport her entirely because office staff say she was using falsified documents.

Sadly, Borrego had two daughters with her at the time, who watched their mother be led out of the healthcare clinic in handcuffs by Harris County Sheriff deputies.

Borrego’s oldest daughter stated one of the deputies said:

“We’re going to take her downtown, she presented a form of false identification. She’s going to get deported.”

Real sensitive to the children, deputy.

Borrego’s attorney, Clarissa Guajardo, says her client was a former patient of the doctor, but a first-time patient at the clinic. She gave the office staff a fake driver’s license, so they called the cops and stalled her by putting her in an examination room, where she waited unknowingly for her own arrest, expecting to see her doctor the whole time.

But Guajardo feels the clinic staff may very well have crossed the medical privacy lines. Guajardo stated:

“They took her into that examination room solely for the purpose of being arrested. I just have a very hard time with that. I think it’s a violation of HIPAA laws.”

Raw Story writes:

“While exemptions to HIPAA laws exist they are generally used when a patient threatens to physical harm to himself or others.”

Borrego’s family state she is under a $35,000 bond, and naturally they are worried she will be deported, whether the HIPAA laws were violated or not. If she gets tagged with a felony for falsifying documents due to the imposter social security card she also had on her at the time, they probably won’t even let her pack a suitcase before deporting her.

And to what avail? What are the repercussions of such a trust being violated? How does the U.S. benefit from scaring immigrants and illegal aliens away from proper health care? Does that make our communities safer? Healthier? It’s absurd.

Ironically, however, after being badgered by The Houston Press enough seeking response as to whether office staff typically rat out undocumented patients, spokesperson for Northwest Women’s Healthcare’s parent company Memorial Hermann, Alex Loessin, said:

“As you know, because of patient privacy, I am unable to provide comment.”

Ha! You can’t fit that on a Bazooka Joe comic.

Featured image via WikiMedia