Right-Wing Terrorist Troll Joshua Goldberg Was Breitbart Source For #BlackLivesMatter Hit Piece (IMAGES)

Earlier this week Addicting Info reported on the arrest of a Florida-based right-wing troll named Joshua Goldberg. Goldberg posed online as an Islamic-State Jihadist, claiming that he was based in Perth, Australia. Posting under the alias “Australi Witness” and AusWitness,” Goldberg used social media platforms to promote an attack on Pamela Geller’s Draw Muhammad Cartoon Contest, which was held back in May. Two gunmen were killed and a security guard wounded at Geller’s Garland, Texas event.

The FBI arrested the 20-year-old right-wing operative on Wednesday. He faces charges of “distribution of information relating to explosives, destructive devices, and weapons of mass destruction.” The charges stem from a more recent bomb plot. Goldberg provided an FBI informant with information on how to construct several types of homemade bombs, similar to those used in the Boston Marathon attack. He also provided directions for filling the bombs with nails, and dipping projectiles in rat poison, in order to kill the largest number of people. (You can view screenshots of some of Goldberg’s posts here.)

Near the end of August, we also reported on the right wing’s smear campaign against #BlackLivesMatter activist Shaun King. As Addicting Info’s Shannon Barber wrote a few weeks ago:

“Shaun King is biracial, the son of a light-skinned black father and a white mother. He is also a well-known and respected author at Daily Kos. This week, conservatives forced him to talk about the intimate details of his mother’s past, because they accused him of being white and cheating to get a scholarship as a black man from Oprah Winfrey. Despite his many struggles with racism- including slurs and physical assaults- growing up black, these people say that his skin tone makes him white and in order to “prove” his blackness, to put these absurd accusations to rest, Mr. King was forced to talk about an affair his mother had 35+ years ago. Despicable.”

As it turns out, right-wing troll Joshua Goldberg had many online personas. He wrote regularly for the white supremacist website Daily Stormer under the name Michael Slay. He also created an account for a fictional character, Tonya Cohen. Under that persona, Goldberg pretended to be an Australian-based feminist, with the kind of radical agenda the far right wants their base to think is representative of feminism. He wrote for a website called Thought Catalog, and authored various posts on the far right extremist website blazingcatfur.ca.

While Goldberg also had many other online personalities, all of them set up to smear liberal and progressive activists or promote far right propaganda, it was through his Twitter account @MoonMetroplis that he first connected with Breitbart staffer Milo Yiannopoulos.

Image credit: Feakoutnation

Image credit: freakoutnation.com

Goldberg also disclosed his real identity to Breitbart, ahead of the smear campaign against BLM activist Shaun King.

image credit: freakoutnation.com

image credit: freakoutnation.com

While Shaun King has already said his peace in regards to the unfounded accusations that were hurled at him and his family, a lot remains to be said about the deliberate deception that is the right wing propaganda machine.

In October of 2013, reporter David Folkenflik published a detailed expose of Rupert Murdoch’s media empire. In his book, titled Murdoch’s World, Folkenflik revealed that Fox has a virtual army of paid internet commentors. These internet trolls are paid to spread far right propaganda across the internet. According to Folkenflik’s book, right wing operatives normally have between 20 and 100 social media accounts each.

Goldberg is currently looking at up to 20 years in prison for his crimes. What needs to be understood is that there are thousands of others like him, all of them pretending to be someone they are not. They create fake profiles and use deceptive tactics, often designed to give the targeted group a bad name. They can pretend to be anyone online, a democrat, a member of the LGBT community, a Black person, a Muslim or anything else. If the right is good at any one thing, it’s deception.

The arrest of Joshua Goldberg shouldn’t be just another scandalous headline that is quickly forgotten. Looking at his writings, the many fake profiles he created, the people he targeted and the way he carried out hisway he carried out the right wing agenda agenda should be a very big eye-opener for all of us. When he wanted to discredit feminists, he pretended to be one. When he wanted to discredit Muslims, he did the same. He shifted back and forth between personalities, calling attention to a post that was created by himself, under a different persona, in order to “prove” his points.

It’s important to realize that there’s no difference between the people who are spreading anti-Black propaganda and those who are spreading anti-Muslim propaganda. Nor is there a difference between those who are waging a war on women and those who are waging a war on immigrants or the LGBT community. Goldberg may have created different online personas when targeting women, Blacks, Muslims etc., but as we can see, all of those attacks originated from the same person and the same hateful place.

While some might be tempted to think that Goldberg is some rare exception to the rule when it comes to how the right wing operates, the only rarity here is that he got caught in his deception and his white supremacist ties were exposed.

*Featured image credit: screen capture, Joshua Goldberg Twitter via freakoutnation.com