LOOK OUT, Trump: Witches Are Working To Make Sure You’re Not Our Next President (VIDEO)

There are lots of dedicated volunteers working on the campaigns of Democratic candidates, working to make sure we don’t wind up with a GOP taking over the job of president. They’re phone banking, getting out the vote, mailing fliers, etc. And those are the most important jobs any campaign volunteer can do. But some Democratic supporters are a bit more unorthodox in their methods.

A group of brujas — Latino Witches — decided after Donald Trump’s obnoxious comments about Mexicans, that they would do what they could to make sure he does not win the presidency. The idea came from Yeni Sleidi, who asked her group to perform spells on the Donald. Curses, to be precise, though none were for physical harm to befall Trump.

Yeni told Marie Lodi of The Slot on Jezebel.com that she spoke to her mother — they are Cuban immigrants — about what they could do to help prevent a Trump presidency. Her mother suggested the “freezer hex.” This is not so much a hex as it is, as the name implies, a way to freeze the person’s actions. I have some experience with this spell myself, having used it successfully against a domestic abuser. There is never any intent to harm the person, just prevent them from acting effectively. As to its efficacy… well, it worked for me; the woman is safe and her abuser in jail.

Yeni’s group performed a variety of spells meant to hamper Trump in his bid for the White House. One targets his hair, causing him to lose it. Another attempts to shut him up. Yet another is for protection for people of color from Trump’s evil. Each bruja decided what she would do and it was recorded on video. And if they don’t work, that’s okay. It’s the thought that counts:

“Even if the hexes don’t work, the video shows Mexicans that they’ve got plenty of good people on their side.”

Asked if she’d perform good luck spells for any candidate, Yeni replied that Bernie Sanders would receive that boon:

“I’m not one of his crazed #feelthebern supporters, but I think he’s the only candidate who isn’t entirely disingenuous, especially since he released his racial justice platform.”

Trump may not believe in the idea of curses, but the brujas want him to know that he has drawn their attention. And they will do their best to work on all levels to make sure Trump is thwarted.

Some may question their ethics, condemning the curses, pointing out that such a thing gives all Witches a bad name. But Witches are not neutral when it comes to politics, nor should we be. Especially when it comes to people who would love to see our religion repressed. We will fight in every way we know how, save violence. An ice spell won’t replace get-out-the-vote activities and it shouldn’t. But it can supplement them.

Here’s the video in case you want to give one of these a try:

Photo Credit: Screen Capture