Colbert Isn’t Shy About His Support For #BlackLivesMatter, Wears Bracelet On Late Show (IMAGES)

It’s no secret that Stephen Colbert isn’t shy about how he feels on certain subjects. Especially in relation to politics and social issues. During Friday’s Q&A before the taping of the Late Show, he was approached by Black Lives Matter activist and organizer, Patrick Waldo.

Waldo asked Colbert if he would wear one of their bracelets supporting the Black Lives Matter movement.

Hesitant at first, Colbert said:

“I’m not promising anything, but I will give it some thought.”

Then, trying the bracelet on, he said:

“I really want to give this one some thought and then I’ll get back to you. This bracelet was made for someone much smaller than myself. If I don’t say it on tonight’s show I’ll work it in in one of the next few episodes.”

Colbert likely wanted to make sure he approaches the subject of Black Lives Matter with the rightful care it should receive. The subject of unnecessary police brutality perpetrated on people of color isn’t exactly something to joke about.

Waldo told The Independent:

“I planned on asking Stephen to wear the bracelet but wondered if also asking him to say ‘Black Lives Matter’ on the show was asking too much. When he called on me to ask my question I just figured I should seize the opportunity and knock out both requests. I may never have that chance again, and now more than ever, especially for straight white men like Stephen and me who have benefited from white privilege our entire lives, it is so necessary to assert that Black Lives Matter.”

Well, it would seem that Colbert thought about it, agreed he should do it without ambivalence, and decided not to take the bracelet off. He then proceeded to wear it throughout the entire broadcast of his show.

Waldo said:

“He didn’t decide to run it by a network executive first or ask me more about Black Lives Matter. He knows the issues, he clearly agrees there is a problem, and he put that wrist band on without a moment’s hesitation. I kept waiting for someone to take it off of him during the commercial breaks, but he kept it on the entire show! I thought that was extremely commendable, especially given his position and the fact that it’s his first week on the show.”

You could say it was brave of Colbert to do this, but he likely doesn’t see it as bravery, but more as doing what’s right.

The Black Lives Matter movement is currently being demonized by conservatives and those on Fox News who don’t think that there is an issue of police brutality and insist on pushing “All Lives Matter.” Which, if all lives really did matter, there’d be no need for the Black Lives Matter movement.

Kudos to Colbert for wearing the bracelet and showing his support. It will be with the help of voices like his that the issue of police brutality gets the proper attention it needs, and taken with all the seriousness that it demands.

Featured image: Wikimedia Commons