Former Congresswoman Michele Bachmann Says Bombing Iran Would Be An Act Of Peace (VIDEO)

Bad pennies and retired Republican members of Congress both have a way of turning up, again and again. One of those retired members, Michele Bachmann, who we definitely did not need to hear from anymore, recently turned up again to bash the Iranian nuclear deal.

In an interview with the equally crazy website World Net Daily, Bachmann had this to say:

“There is only one tried and true method that stops a rogue nation from getting a nuclear bomb, and it’s this: It is for a country like the United States to take our military superiority and to go into that country and to drop bombs on their nuclear hardware and destroy it.”

On Wednesday Bachmann spoke to a rally urging Congress to reject the Iran deal on Capitol Hill, where she told the crowd:

“You take it [Iranian nuclear facilities] out. That does not bring about World War III … that ensures peace on into the future. We’re not going to bomb shopping centers. We’re not going to bomb innocent people.”

That probably won’t sell too well in Iran, considering they had a front row seat to watch what the U.S. did in Iraq, where an estimated 500,000 civilians were killed.

She told World Net Daily that the choice to use military force would be an easy decision for her:

“I tell you, if I was president of the United States, it would take me half a nanosecond. We would send out our military equipment and do what has to be done. And in eight weeks, the whole discussion would be over. The Iranian program would be done, and the world would be free from that menace.”

Hmmmmmm. Where have we heard that before?

Bachmann seems to think that if we were to do that, the Iranians would just shrug their shoulders, go “sh*t happens,” and go on about their business. She also doesn’t seem to be aware that several of Iran’s key nuclear sites are underground. That means that conventional explosives are unlikely to do much damage to those facilities. So if we wanted to be sure of taking them out, the attack would almost certainly require the use of nuclear weapons.

Welcome to the bizarre world of Michele Bachmann, where bombing another country is “peace,” and the way to deal with that country’s desire to have a nuclear weapon is to drop nuclear weapons on them. It wasn’t very long ago that Bachmann was making the case that the Iran deal should be celebrated by Christians, because it would help bring about the “end times” prophesied in the Bible. She just can’t seem to decide whether she wants Armageddon, or just wants the U.S. to bring “peace and freedom” to another country with a few bombs, which might have to be nukes. It must be tough, being America’s foremost Christian “patriot.”

Here’s Bachmann’s interview with World Net Daily:

Featured image via Gage Skidmore/Flickr