Protester Shuts Down ‘War Criminal’ Dick Cheney: ‘No More War Mongering!’ (VIDEO)

On Tuesday morning, a protester confronted former Vice President Dick Cheney as he spoke in opposition of a nuclear peace deal with Iran. Michaela Anang, a 21-year-old intern with CodePink, says that she came with a message of peace and diplomacy meant to offset the Vice President’s fiery message in opposition to the Iran nuclear deal, which he calls “madness.”

In his speech at the American Enterprise Institute, Cheney said that the deal “has vast implications for the future security of the Jewish people,” warning that a nuclear Iran — something that a rejection of the deal will virtually assure — could kill six million Jews in “one day.” In other words, as Adolf Hitler took power on January 30, 1933 and Germany surrendered unconditionally on May 7, 1945, that’s more than 4,400 times more efficient genocide than even Hitler could accomplish.

While much of the audience seemed to buy into Cheney’s “The Iran Deal Is Worse Than More Than 4,000 Hitlers” nonsense, Anang was not swayed. About 15 minutes into the warmongering sociopath’s speech, Anang jumped up and unfurled a flag indicating that Cheney was “wrong on Iraq” and is “wrong on Iran.” The young woman then bravely shouted out her message:

“Dick Cheney is a war criminal!”

“No more war mongering,” Anang continued to a chorus of boos. “We want peace. We want peace.”

“Get out of here!” one among the crowd yelled. Despite her message of peace, security quickly rushed up to manhandle the young lady. As she was shoved out of the room, an audience member leaped up and attempted to steal Anang’s flag. Despite the man’s violent, thrashing attempts to wrestle the flag from Anang’s grasp, the protester calmly held on as she watched the gentleman embarrass himself. Eventually, the man gave up and sunk into his seat, his spirit depleted.

Anang told the Huffington Post that she attended the event because “Dick Cheney is a notorious warmonger, a proponent of torture and a war criminal.” She says she wanted to emphasize the importance of the Iran deal because “we need diplomacy now” — though she did indicate that she was surprised that she was able to get as close to Dick Cheney as she did, as he was on the stage rather than rotting away in prison.

Asked if her tug-of-war with a gentleman who clearly has not been eating his Wheaties was “some sort of metaphor for neo-conservatives, who may be quick to rush into un-winnable wars that they themselves won’t — and if this is any example, can’t — fight,” Anang agreed that it could represent that attitude, though she pointed out that there are some of all political persuasions who refuse to choose peace:

“I think you’d have to ask the man who started the tug-of-war for that one. Do I think that his actions were representative of a broader way of thinking? In a way. But it’s not exclusive to neo-cons, it extends to anyone who would choose violence over words, war over peace. I went to a rally today where people chose to be outright mean, hostile, insulting; calling CodePink, me and my generation stupid, without even listening to our point of view.”

“There is no winner in war. It’s time for my generation to make that known,” she concluded. “Don’t try to rip banners (metaphorical or not) from each other, and try to seek truth and peace!”

In other words, make love…not tug-of-war.

Watch video of the incident, below:


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