Glenn Beck Just Blamed Iran Deal On…#BlackLivesMatter (VIDEO)

These days conservatives must have a roulette wheel. Every time something happens that they don’t like, they spin the wheel of blame and whatever “buzzword” it lands on is blamed for the event.

Sometimes they blame gay people. Other times, it’s women. Or illegal immigration (brown people). And while they used to be too subtle to directly come out and blame black people, not anymore. Now they can point fingers at #BlackLivesMatter.

On CNN on Wednesday night, Glenn Beck did just that. Because the Iran nuclear deal was negotiated, in part, by President Obama, every conservative reflexively thinks it will cause an immediate end to Israel as we know it. That is a tragedy because it might interfere with their rapture plans. Beck, with Don Lemon watching, spun the wheel of blame and this time, it landed on a new slot – Black Lives Matter. That’s right, Black Lives Matter is to blame for the Iran deal.

This all somehow led to #BlackLivesMatter and how its very existence means the United States won’t be able to really find a solution to Iran. After highlighting that Iran will eventually receive embargoed funds due to the deal — Beck says that will immediately go to fund terrorism — the radio host said he doesn’t understand why this country is so eager to “embrace death,” which is exemplified by black protesters getting upset when people tell them “all lives matter.”

“When you can’t say all lives matter without upsetting people who say black lives matter — I understand, I really do understand, black lives matter. But so do white lives, so do Asian lives and Hispanic lives, I get that. All lives matter! When we can’t say that, when we’ve taken life and made it political, you think we’re really gonna get to a solution on Iran? No!”


Here’s the video – and notice the glee in Beck’s voice in being allowed to go full-on racist without sounding racist:

Featured image via Flickr