Hypocrite Jindal Forgets About His Opinion Of Official Who Refused Marriage Licenses To Interracial Couples (AUDIO)

Oh, hey… remember that Bobby Jindal is running for president? That’s okay. It’s easy to forget, what with him polling at the bottom of the pack. But he is. Remember when he told his party to stop being the “Stupid Party?” He doesn’t, apparently. He’s gone back to the fold and gone full stupid again.

On the radio with Iowa talk show host Simon Conway, Jindal showed that he is willing to be stupid if it panders to the basest of the Republican base. On the Kim Davis brouhaha, Jindal had this to say:

“Here’s where we are in our country today. If you disagree with gay marriage, they put you in jail, as you see what happened in Kentucky, and yet if you mishandle national security information you’re allowed to run for president. It’s a crazy, crazy world we live in.”

Well, it is a crazy world we live in but not for the reasons Jindal cites. For one thing, there are way too many stupid people weighing in on this with little to no understanding of how this whole Separation of Church and State thing works. That is, religion cannot enter into government business. Kim Davis claimed that her religion trumps her sworn duty. This is contrary to her oath to uphold the Constitution.

It’s very simple. Kim Davis was not jailed because she disagrees with gay marriage; she was jailed because she broke the law. She was ordered by no less than two federal courts to do her job. Her job, as a County Clerk, is to issue marriage licences to anyone who pays the fee for one. She refused to do her job, the courts ordered her to do her job and she still refused. That is called “civil contempt of court” and is the reason she was jailed.

Jindal had no problem in 2009 when a Louisiana Justice of the Peace refused to issue a marriage license to an interracial couple. Keith Bardwell, in fact, refused any interracial couple who came to him for a marriage license. Jindal was outraged and insisted that Bardwell be relieved of his post:

“This is a clear violation of constitutional rights and federal and state law. … Disciplinary action should be taken immediately — including the revoking of his license.”

Jindal was correct in that case. It was a violation of those couples’ civil rights. So is what Kim Davis did. Gay Americans are protected by the Constitution as thoroughly as are everyone else. Denying them a marriage license when the law of the land says that they have a right to one is unconstitutional. Kim Davis = Keith Bardwell. Yet the latter received Jindal’s ire while the former, his praise. Gee, I wonder what’s changed?

I guess when you’re running for president, things like violating constitutional rights are perfectly fine if it will get you a few votes or campaign funds. Jindal appears to not mind being a hypocrite as long as the base doesn’t care about it (and they don’t). After all, why be consistent if it gains you a percentage point in Iowa?

Here’s the audio via Right Wing Watch:

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Featured image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr