Fundie Pastor Blows Past Ten Commandments: The Gay Is ‘Absolute Worst Possible Abomination’ On Earth (AUDIO)

Isn’t it fascinating how so many pseudo-Christians are going completely nuts lately? They are railing against the Supreme Court, forgetting that they love that same body when a ruling favors their position. Hobby Lobby, anyone? But, since the Court handed down their decision that gay Americans have the same rights as every other American, the Fundies, Evangelicals and other pseudo-Christians have totally lost their sh*t. They’ve been attacking the decision, the Court and LGBT Americans constantly ever since. It borders on psychosis..

Kevin Swanson is one of the psychotics pseudo-Christians who has been foaming at the mouth about this. His vehemence really makes you wonder how deep that closet is. Swanson, speaking on his Generations Radio show on Tuesday, was particularly maniacal:

“Anybody that tries to approve of the absolute worst possible abomination on planet Earth and give a marriage license to homosexuals is violating the laws of God.”

The “absolute worst abomination?” Really? What happened to your Ten Commandments? Isn’t murder worse than homosexuality? That “abomination” is only mentioned specifically once in Leviticus 18:22. There are, on the other hand, 14 prohibitions against being naked that make up prior verses. When you look for “abominations” in the Bible, most of them have to do with “heathen” ways of other tribes– idols and incense and so forth. If God really thought homosexuality was the “absolute worst” of the abominations cited in the Bible — “abominations” returns 74 hits in the King James version — don’t you think he would’ve mentioned it a bit more often? Giving a marriage license to a gay couple is not the “absolute worst” thing one can do. That’s just nonsense. Denying other people their humanity is so much worse. Allowing people to suffer in poverty and illness is a lot worse. Jesus said so.

Swanson also has a message for the governor of Kentucky. Indeed, all governors are to be condemned because they are complying with the law of the land:

“They have their place in the lake of fire. These magistrates will go to Hell if they do not assume the courage to stand up against the Supreme Court of the United States and fear God, the God of Heaven and Earth over the Supreme Court of the United States, they will go to Hell. And it’s hard to imagine that all 50 governors of all 50 states are on their way, but if they are cowardly, if they are in a position of authority and refuse to act as ministers of God, they will go to Hell.”

“He knows of horrors worse than your hell…” One of which is living in a theocracy. Mr. Swanson fails to take into account that America is not a theocracy. Let me repeat that: NOT. A. THEOCRACY. Governors are not elected to be “ministers of God,” they are elected to do the business of their states. It’s not that they aren’t courageous enough to “stand up to” the Supreme Court, it’s that they understand the separation of church and state.

Mr. Swanson and all the screeching furies of the religious right are, once again, cherry-picking their book. They love the Old Testament because the God of that book is rather vindictive and petty, just like them. They ignore the New Testament almost completely. They ignore Jesus’ entreaty to care for the sick, the poor, the hungry. But, in this case — and that of all the other crazed pseudo-Christians who support Kim Davis — they ignore this passage:

Romans 13: 1 — Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God. 2 Consequently, whoever rebels against the authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and those who do so will bring judgment on themselves… 5 Therefore, it is necessary to submit to the authorities, not only because of possible punishment but also as a matter of conscience.

A matter of conscience? By ignoring Paul’s words, these fanatics reveal their true motives and it has nothing to do with conscience. It has everything to do with their version of God and the Bible. They claim to get their position from that book yet seem to be ignorant of any parts but the ones that support their bigotry and fear.

Mr. Swanson is nothing more than a pedagogue. He appears, like his fellows, to have become unhinged in the wake of the Obergefell decision. This sort of speech has no place in civil society.

Here’s some audio, courtesy of Right Wing Watch 

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