‘Kill All White People’ Threat Leads To Cancelled Football Game In Michigan, But It Shouldn’t

Get used to it, or get organizing – this is going to be happening more and more.

A football game in Muskegon Heights, Michigan, was cancelled Friday due to a Facebook threat boasting “to kill all White People” who cross the local racial and economic dividing line of Seaway Dr.

Local citizen and general manager of ”West Michigan’s Urban Leader” 103.7 The Beat, Paul Allen Billings, posted the following announcement on his Facebook page for the community:

“Updated at 6:30pm: Per Muskegon Heights Police Chief the Muskegon Heights vs Muskegon Catholic Central Football game will not take place. MCC has been advised by Muskegon Police & The Mayor of Muskegon to not play tonight because of security issues. This conversation started before today. Apparently a facebook posting threatening to kill all White People who entered the Heights has caught the attention of Law Enforcement. According to Muskegon Heights School Officials they had State Police, Extra City Police and Staff Security prepared for today’s game. It was Muskegon Catholic Central management decision to forfeit tonight’s game.”

Updated at 6:30pm: Per Muskegon Heights Police Chief the Muskegon Heights vs Muskegon Catholic Central Football game…

Posted by Paul Allen Billings on Friday, September 4, 2015


The game between the Muskegon Heights Tigers and the Muskegon Catholic Central Crusaders, as the post above shows, was ultimately called off after a failure at an attempt to reschedule due to Muskegon Heights having other obligations at the suggested date and time for the reschedule. As a result, Muskegon Catholic forfeited, leaving Muskegon Heights at 2-0 and Muskegon Catholic Central at 0-2.

Billings posted another update for the community to his wall on that confirmed development, as well:

“Per Muskegon Heights Supt. Alena Zackery-Ross, Muskegon Catholic Central wanted to move the game to tomorrow morning which Muskegon Heights rejected citing scheduling conflicts with Staff and Kids. Muskegon Heights will move to 2-0 and MCC will be 0-2.”

Per Muskegon Heights Supt. Alena Zackery-Ross, Muskegon Catholic Central wanted to move the game to tomorrow morning…

Posted by Paul Allen Billings on Friday, September 4, 2015


Still, some people missed the memo and unknowingly “braved” crossing the proverbial railroad tracks that much of Muskegon considers Seaway Dr., a major thoroughfare through the greater Muskegon area that largely separates the majority black community of Muskegon Heights from the progressively more affluent and white communities of Muskegon as one moves west, closer to Lake Michigan and its incredible beaches. That jump is compounded even further, locals know, as one moves onto the north side of Muskegon Lake, which is connected by a channel to Lake Michigan and is fed by the deep, long and lazy Muskegon River.


(Image courtesy of Paul Allen Billings via Facebook)

Readers will also notice the folks in the picture above who crossed Seaway and showed up to enjoy the evening’s game in Muskegon Heights are white, themselves, and as of Saturday no reports of their murders have taken place – largely because they made it home just fine. It’s also evident they didn’t show up armed to the teeth out of fear. Though violence certainly does take place in the Heights, the notion that people need to “stay away” is absurd and reactionary. While there is no telling if the people in the picture would still have shown up to the game had they known of the threat, it’s still good to see them there, nonetheless. It suggests a message, at least, that not all are afraid.

And that’s the thing – just like that high school in Texas that recently saw a quarter of its student body stay home (many of them black) due to another Facebook post threatening violence, but against black folks. Pictures of an anonymous white man holding a gun and a message saying he wants to fight “all n*ggers” who think they can take him scared a lot of people into staying home, canceling their school day over what is more than likely nothing but an angry, juvenile threat.

We all know we live in an age of both foreign and domestic terrorism, and we all know we stand a far greater chance of becoming victims of domestic terrorism than foreign. We also know that racism is so prevalent in the U.S. that the proverbial pot is a-boiling and the tipping point is being reached all over the country. We see it every day. We absorb it. It’s beaten into us because the racist power structure and racist individuals keep perpetuating the hate and lies to newer and younger generations all the time.

Let’s face it, racism is a part of our culture – all of us. It’s permeated to such a level that even many black folks have taken on the cloak of racism on behalf of their oppressors without even realizing it, and there is a large percentage of folks of every race that have done so as well. That’s how broken we are, and this flaw is being heightened in all of us more and more every day.

So it’s no wonder that young people will say things like this on Facebook or other social media sites sometimes. It doesn’t mean we run and shut everything down. It doesn’t mean we live in fear. If anything, it means we should show up in even greater numbers than ever and embrace each other.

Is it really so hard to understand why a young black person would make such an angry post online? Don’t we all vent online from time to time? Under so much racism and violence against black people in the news today, is it so baffling that someone would post something like that without any intentions whatsoever of ever following through? Sure, mass shootings occur, but they don’t always have a warning on social media, right? Are you going to stay home from everywhere, then? All the time?

Of course not, so do the same with threats like these. Have some courage and burn bright with love and life in the face of hate and death. Show and up and love each other, for Christ’s sake. Don’t shut it all down. And when you’re done and you see everything is okay, hell, why not play some football while you’re there?

Otherwise (remember this old line?), the terrorists win.

This is how we set a counter-example to the vileness the news and media shows us every day. Love is not newsworthy. We have to reset the balance in person, person to person, community to community.

See you in the Heights.

(UPDATE: Word is currently heavily circulating in the community the person who made the threat is actually white, himself. And the plot thickens… Follow Addicting Info further word and confirmation to come.)


Featured image courtesy of Floyd Cook, Jr. via Muskegon Heights High School’s Facebook page