Cop Shoots, Torches His Own Squad Car To Cover Up Crash, Sparking City-Wide Manhunt For No One (VIDEO)

This would almost be funny if it wasn’t for the social climate of today and the fever-pitch racism is at between all the cops killing unarmed black folks, the resulting #BlackLivesMatter movement, and a recent string of cop murders, too. Alas, in our present situation and condition, nationally, it merely reads as one more sad note of corruption committed by our “law enforcement” officers across the country – a form of authoritarian exceptionalism with which people of every color seem more than fed up.

Enter one sad excuse for a cop just about to become a full-fledged, full-time officer for the Massachusetts State Police (MSP), Bryan Johnson.

Mere days after Lt. Joe Gliniewicz was murdered in Illinois, kicking off a massive manhunt, Johnson got himself fired for shooting his own car after he crashed it, concocting a lie that he’d smashed up the vehicle as a result of being fired upon by a “white male… in Millis Massachusets.” Authorities are also investigating the “World’s Dumbest Cop” for possibly setting his own vehicle aflame, as well.

Before being fired the following day, Thursday, the now former officer’s claim prompted a local manhunt, as well. Local residents were on edge; schools were cancelled. The community essentially went on lockdown because this joker cracked up his car somehow and was too scared or dishonest to fess up to it. Instead, he came up with a bunch of malarkey.

Naturally, no assailant was found… until a ballistics report showed that the bullet holes in Johnson’s car came from his own gun anyway. How he didn’t see that one coming is anyone’s guess. Now that that’s been established, what do you think the chances are that the officer is also responsible for torching the vehicle? It would be pretty strange to shoot your own car, and then your imaginary assailant decides to set it on fire for you, wouldn’t it? And what are the chances a stranger came along and set a cop car with a few bullet holes in it on fire?


As a result, this criminal officer is now facing charges, but his motive for his ridiculous actions remain unclear.

What is painfully clear, however, is that once again, the public sees that it cannot trust our “law enforcement” officers to be honest, much less follow the law themselves.

So, why should we continue to submit to their tyranny in our communities?

This is where Robbie Williams and Negroes With Guns comes from. This is where the Black Panthers and the New Black Panther Party comes from. And this is where #BlackLivesMatter comes from.

The lies, the violence, the oppression and the lawlessness committed by our “community” “peace officers” must end.

Featured image via video screen capture