Bad News, Bigots! Even Donald Trump Isn’t Backing Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis

You know you’ve crossed a line as a bigot, when even Donald Trump turns his back on you. That day has come for Kentucky County Clerk Kim Davis.

Davis was jailed this week, after refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples despite courts finding against her. In recent weeks, Davis’ lawyer dared compare his client facing the consequences of breaking civil rights law, to the treatment of Jews in Nazi Germany. Somebody needs a reality check.

In truth, the toughest treatment Davis has faced has been dealing with the fallout of her own hypocrisy.

Davis attempted to argue that religious law should trump (no pun intended) federal law – the exact same thing conservatives swear Muslims are trying to do (but actually aren’t). One would expect, with the clerk willing to strip others of their Constitutionally protected rights, she would herself be living a life aligned with her God. One would be wrong. This double standard was pointed out by a petition entitled: Make Bigoted Clerk Follow God’s Law, Be Stoned For Adultery. The petition was later removed for violating moderation guidelines.

Davis couldn’t even hope for a big crowdfunder to make it all the controversy worthwhile, thanks to changes made by GoFundMe and other sites to prevent conservatives rewarding bigotry with dollars.

No. The best Kim Davis could hope for was the backing of her fellow conservatives. She was pretty much guaranteed the support of Ted “I stand with Kim Davis” Cruz as he positions himself as the Christian Conservative nominee. But front-runner Donald Trump has reminded Davis that “we are nation of laws”, while Jeb Bush rebuked her too, saying the clerk should have followed the law or quit. In short, any conservative with half a prayer of getting to the White House has dumped her like spoiled milk.

And at the end of it all, with Kim Davis out of the way, same-sex couples have now been granted their marriage license in Kentucky. This can be considered as nothing less than the victory of love over hate and equality over bigotry.

Featured Image via Ninian Reid (Flickr)/Carter County Detention Center