Report: Josh Duggar Has Allegedly Disappeared From Religious ‘Rehab’ Facilility

The scandalous situation surrounding the Duggars just keeps getting more and more bizarre. First, the information that Josh Duggar had molested his own sisters came out. Then, it was revealed that instead of “repenting” like he claims to have done, that he had not one, but two accounts on the notorious infidelity website, Ashley Madison.  After that debacle, Josh apologized profusely and sought “help” from the quacks at Reformers Unanimous, a facility that is supposed to “cure” him of his addiction to dirty sex through hard work and lots of praying and bible-reading.

Well, as bizarre as the idea that praying, working, and reading the Bible will help one with any sort of psychological problem or addiction is, even more baffling is the fact that it seems that just a week after he supposedly checked in, Josh isn’t even there.

This concern is raised by Suzanne Titkemeyer, otherwise known as “Calulu.” She would know as well as anyone how the Duggars might be thinking regarding how to deal with the negative publicity surrounding Josh. She runs the website No Longer Quiveringwhich has long served as a resource for women leaving the oppressive and cult-like Quiverfull movement, of which the Duggars are a part.

Well, according to Titkemeyer, no one has seen head nor hair of Josh Duggar since he supposedly entered Reformers Unanimous. It certainly seems that Josh may have gone to the religious center, as flight records for the Duggars’ private airplane (Private airplane? Aren’t the duggars supposed to out of money? – ed.) show a trip to the town in which the place is located, Rockford, Illinois, and it was on its way back home to Springdale in just ten minutes. This was about the perfect amount of time for someone to drop Josh off and return home. So, the question remains, where is he now?

No one has seen Josh Duggar going to church at North Love Baptist Church, which is a required part of the “treatment” at Reformers Unanimous. This facility is rather well-known in its area for its bizarre ideas about “treating” illness and addiction. Certainly, someone would have seen Josh, or at least heard of him being in the area.

But…nothing. If indeed Josh is no longer at Reformers Unanimous, or, if the trip there to check in was just a sham to get the media off his back, these people are stooping even lower than ever, if that is at all possible, by lying to their still-devoted fans. In the meantime, Josh definitely has issues and instead of these religious “treatment” centers (that worked so well the first time, didn’t it?), he needs to get real, medical psychiatric help. I won’t hold my breath on that one in that cult of a family, though.

Featured image via video screen capture from Raw Story