Ky. Clerk STILL Defying Gay Marriage Licenses, Invokes ‘God’s Authority’ In SCOTUS Snub (VIDEOS)

Democracy is dead and broken. The Kentucky clerk defying the Supreme Court in her refusal to issue same-sex marriage licenses is a prime example.

It was only Monday evening that the Supreme Court issued an order that nipped Kim Davis’ refusal to grant marriage licenses to same-sex couples in the bud, but that didn’t stop Davis from going into work the very next day and refusing a same-sex couple seeking to apply for a marriage license for the FOURTH TIME.

When David Moore and David Ermold, the two men in the videos above, told Davis they were not leaving without a marriage license, Davis replied:

“[You’re] going to have a long day.”

She added that she is acting “under God’s authority.”

In the meantime, Davis is waiting on an appeal in a lower court that will amount to a thimble’s worth of good in a garment factory and will likely take weeks, even months, to conclude.

Now, Davis is facing a likely federal contempt of court charge for her actions, or lack thereof to be more to the point. Judge David Bunning was the person who originally ordered Davis to follow the Constitution. He probably won’t be too happy to see that she has defied him, and the law. As a result, he may very well slap her with fines, or even jail, if she does not comply.

Of course, Judge Bunning has nowhere near the fictitious, non-present, mythical and figurative presence and authority of God, right? Why should she listen to him? God makes a great bunk mate in a federal cell and God always keeps his hands to himself. After all, he/she has the whole world in there, right? God can’t get all touchy feeling with an entire planet in one hand.

Currently, Davis refuses to resign from her elected position and she’s actually getting a whole lot of support from the community, and the state at large, as well. As ThinkProgress reports:

“[Davis] can be impeached by the state legislature, although it is unlikely that there would be enough votes to remove [her]. The Kentucky state Senate President, Robert Stivers (R), spoke at a rally supporting her.”

And that, folks, brings us to the point. We know democracy is dead because here we have an example of a majority clearly in the wrong and in defiance of the U.S. Constitution overruling, with the power of their majority, the constitutional rights of a minority clearly in the right. Keep in mind, however, that the rights of the minority are intended to be protected by the Constitution from the tyranny of an unjust majority.

Sound familiar?

“But how can we get over this debate as a nation?” some may ask. It’s actually far simpler than it appear.

First, religion has no place in government, and in this case, we can actually see that religion is clearly taking precedent over the nation’s laws, which is obviously a security threat and traitorous in nature. Therefore, religious figures who cannot separate the two should not be in public office, nor run a public service or business.

Before folks go shouting religious persecution, however, think a little deeper. That remedy does not discriminate or persecute anyone. Everyone still has freedom of choice in the matter. If one chooses to be a bigoted Christian, one should decide not to run for office or service the public lest their discrimination (even if based on religious grounds) land them in violation of people’s civil rights and the U.S. Constitution. It’s really that simple. They maintain their freedom of religion and the public maintains its civil rights for all. And everyone has freedom of choice to choose for themselves what kind of lives they wish to lead.

This is why Davis has no case and should just get the f*ck out of office already. Go live your life and Jesus it up with the best of them in your private life, which is the only damn place your religion belongs. Like sex, it should remain behind the closed doors of your home.

And for those saying they were “born” Christians, that they didn’t choose it, that may very well feel true, but it’s still a choice. You have made a choice to allow that indoctrination to stick. You have the choice to step away from it anytime you like. You also have the choice to become intelligent and complex enough to understand and respect both your Bible, the Constitution, and the rights of your fellow citizens all at the same time.

And say, doesn’t that, “I was born Christian” sound awfully similar to what folks in the LGBTQ community say? They didn’t make a “choice” – they were just born that way – yet Christians cry that they cannot and should not have to change for the rights of their fellow citizens and the U.S. Constitution, but gay folks are supposed to seek conversion therapy and God? Meanwhile, the LGBTQ community fights for its rights while bigots like Davis cry persecution, even as they persecute same-sex couples.

That’s America, and that’s one more sign that democracy is dead as dead is done.

Featured image via Twitter video screen capture