Former State Dept. Official Dismantles Fox Host’s Iran Deal Talking Points, One By One (VIDEO)

Former State Department official Joel Rubin wrote an op-ed for The Huffington Post on August 31, explaining the consequences if Congress rejects the nuclear deal that has been negotiated with Iran. In it, he outlines all of the reasons to support the deal, and calls it, “the best agreement ever negotiated to block a new country’s acquisition of nuclear weapons.” Of course, the gang at Fox News and their Republican allies, who apparently would rather go to war with Iran than see President Obama have a diplomatic victory, don’t agree with Rubin’s assessment.

Rubin appeared on the Fox Business Channel, where he explained in detail why the nuclear deal with Iran is a good thing. But talking point spouting host Charles Payne was having none of it.

Payne opens the segment by asking one of those typical Fox questions, which he then answers. “What would a nuclear Iran mean for the stock market?” Payne asks. “Obviously, it would not be good.” He then brings in Rubin. Payne starts the conversation with right-wing Iran talking point number one: The deal “begins the official countdown” towards Iran getting a bomb. Payne blathers on about $150 billion being available to Iran, thanks to the deal, for them to continue supporting terrorism, which would be destabilizing to markets.

Rubin, who looks somewhat amused, replies, “That’s just erroneous.” He goes on to remind Payne that the deal involves other countries besides the U.S. and Iran, and that it will be verified by the International Atomic Energy Agency. Rubin says that the deal will actually help provide the “certainty and predictability” that markets, businesses and investors like. He adds that if Iran fails to live up to their end of the bargain, there will be consequences for them. Down goes talking point number one!

Payne turns to the bogus argument that there are no real consequences for cheating in the deal. “He [President Obama] talks about ‘shaming’ Iran, and that the world will know they’re cheating,” Payne says. He wants to know what difference it will make if Iran is “shamed” if they already have a nuke. Payne asks what good are the mechanisms to guard against cheating if the only punishment is being shamed.

Rubin points out that part of the problem is that we currently don’t have any mechanisms in place to stop Iran from building a nuclear weapon. He lists all of the things in the agreement that will allow the U.S., and other signatories, to monitor what the Iranians are doing with their nuclear program. “It’s about verification, it’s not about trust. And it’s not really about shame,” he says. “It’s about insuring that there’s certainty.”

Then Rubin hits Payne, and the Fox audience, right where it hurts. “Ronald Reagan’s mantra about ‘trust but verify,'” he finishes. “That’s the mindset behind this deal.” Ooh, you could almost hear the Foxbots yelling, “Low blow! No fair! He can’t invoke the name of St. Ronnie to defend Obama!” And down went talking point number two.

Payne isn’t quite done. Into the bag of talking points he goes yet again. He goes back to the claim that President Obama negotiated the deal, which of course is false. Then he brings up “secret side deals.” He talks about how these “side deals” benefit the Iranians, and that they will have time to “move things around” and “hide things.” He says that the deal is weak because the U.S. negotiated from a “point of weakness.”

Rubin counters that we negotiated from a point of strength, and mentions the sanctions that were proposed by the U.S., and supported by the other powers that were involved in the talks. He says those sanctions are what brought Iran to the table. He tells Payne that we will have 24/7 access to inspect all of the Iranian nuclear sites. And down goes talking point number three!

In baseball, three strikes and you’re out. But if you’re a Fox host, you just ignore the times you swung and missed, and keep swinging away. “I don’t know, Joel, you didn’t change my mind,” Payne says.

Here’s the conversation, via YouTube/Fox News:

Featured image via Fox News/YouTube