Extramarital Conservative Michigan Reps. Courser And Gamrat Used Public Resources In Cover-Up

Things aren’t looking good for Michigan GOP Reps. Todd Courser and Cindy Gamrat. As of Monday, an investigator is alleging the two actually used public resources to cover up their nefarious affair, disrespecting their own constituents in the process. A House Business Office report states that Courser, of Lapeer, Mich., and Gamrat, of Plainwell, “engaged in numerous instances of deceptive and ‘outright dishonest’ misconduct in an attempted cover-up,” as written up by Talking Points Memo.

Both Courser and Gamrat are in their first year as legislators, and so far, they are not making the best impression. Though both have apologized for their actions, neither is responding to multiple messages from numerous media outlets in search of an explanation or comment. But as far as the House Business Office report is concerned, Courser and Gamrat have not been “credible witnesses” in interviews regarding their indiscretions, and concluded that intentional and conscious “wrongdoing” went well beyond their own illicit relationship, but also into “improperly using state resources for political purposes.”

House chief financial officer and business director Tim Bowlin stated:

“While the affair itself may have been a personal matter, the decisions of both members to subsequently deceive their constituencies in an effort to ‘inoculate the herd’ and remain in their positions of power may have caused irreparable harm to their ability to serve their electorates. Effective representation requires trust, and trust requires truth.”

According to the man who initially requested the report, House Speaker Kevin Cotter (R), investigative special committee hearings will start rolling Tuesday in order to determine the representatives’ “fitness for office.” If things go as badly as they have been, Courser and Gamrat may face discipline, even expulsion – quite a blow to two highly vocal social conservatives in Michigan. If Rick Snyder didn’t have every finger deep up inside the Mitten, working it like a sock puppet, Michigan Democrats may have gained a small victory, here, without doing anything at all. As usual, just letting Republicans be Republicans out in the open seems to be all that is needed for Democrats to catch an edge in political favorability.

Readers may well remember the 43-year-old Courser concocted a wild story about being blackmailed over an alleged “sexually explicit email” in order to cause people to hopefully dismiss the latest rumor regarding himself and Gamrat as just as looney as the first.

Forty-two-year-old Gamrat denies having any knowledge of Courser’s whacky plan and email scheme; however, according to Bowlin, that’s not true. He says Gamrat knew about it all along, and that comes, supposedly, from secret recordings made by a mutual aide of the two representatives. According to the investigation and subsequent report Courser and Gamrat “improperly and inextricably entwined political, personal, business, and official state matters.” They combined their offices, staff and daily operations despite there being no reason to do so and being from opposite sides of Michigan.

Of course, it’s not hard to see why they might do that, considering they were having an affair together. They must have “stayed late at the office” quite a bit. Gotta get that paperwork done!

Talking Points Memo also reports:

“They had an office policy of entering constituent contact information into a private political database for Courser’s potential congressional bid and Gamrat’s failed campaign for Republican National Committeewoman, according to the report.”

Further, the report states staff members of the two representatives also allege that they were directed to prioritize their work, giving preference to purchasing information for databases. They were also instructed to place ads online for a certain law firm Courser might have a little something to do with – Courser Law.

Cotter’s statement regarding Courser and Gamrat reads:

“Out of respect for the office, Representatives Courser and Gamrat should resign immediately, but because these two will not do the right thing for their constituents, for their families, and for the House, we will now move forward with a select committee to examine their qualifications.”

Luckily, there were some staffers in Courser and Gamrat’s camp that maintained their integrity. One aide actually downright refused to send Courser’s ridiculous email, and has recordings and several messages to back it up – all of which were eventually sent off to The Detroit News. Two more staffers contacted Cotter’s then-chief of staff at the time to draw attention to the strangely combined office. According to the House Business Office report:

“There was reason in hindsight for the House to further inquire into the validity or depth of their claims.”

Brandon Dillon, Michigan’s Democratic Party Chairman, isn’t satisfied, though. He believes the House Business report was “sanitized” to obscure Cotter’s role in the conservative fiasco. Dillon wants to know how Courser and Gamrat could fire the staffers who ratted on them without drawing any scrutiny. Certainly that sounds a lot like retaliation. Naturally, Dillon is pushing for an independent investigation that is not headed up by Republicans.

Meanwhile, Michigan’s schools are a mess, its roads are more cheese-grater than thoroughfare and it ranks second highest nationally for sex trafficking. And don’t even get Michiganders started on emergency manager laws!

And these two conservative asshats keep collecting pay and refusing to step down while taxpayer money is used to dig up enough dirt on them to make them resign – even by their own party members!


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