Quarter Of Texas High School Stays Home After Violent, Racist Social Media Threats (VIDEO)

How to deal with threats in an age of social media, where any schmoe’s status update can turn into viral syndication across an assortment of media, hovering as ominous as a tornado warning over people conditioned to live in fear?

Some 352 students, out of a student body of 2,000, stayed home from Killeen High School in Killeen, Texas, last week, after threats were made on Instagram Thursday by an anonymous man threatening to beat up any and all “n*ggers.”

“August 28, 2015, in front of Killeen High School, 4:10 p.m. This is a final warning to all the n*****s out there. I’m gonna beat UR ass I wanna fight every n****r who thinks he can take me. I will be fighting everyone I can tomorrow after school in front of the school.”

Another posts shows a close-up of someone holding an automatic weapon. The handle of the poster is “jakedajesus254” – obviously, a devout “Christian,” there.

Both threats were directed toward the black students of Killeen High School.

kcentv.com – KCEN HD – Waco, Temple, and Killeen

According to the New York Daily News, the post was pulled from Instagram at 10:17 p.m. EST, so it was only up a few hours, but that was long enough for people to take screen shots of it and put together messages warning other parents in the community via social media. One post by a concerned parent that was shared quite a bit on Facebook, reads:


That message was penned by “a concerned parent to Another!!!!!!” Another Facebook post by a local woman named Jessica Reyna says:

“TO ANYONE WHO HAS KIDS THAT GO TO KILLEEN HIGH SCHOOL: There apparently is a threat from a STUDENT to SHOOT UP the school. I just confirmed this from the superintendent’s office. It was posted on Instagram but the page has already been taken down. There was I THINK two posts but since it was taken down I can’t say for sure. Posts said it was on the news but I couldn’t find it on any news website.”



Posted by Jessica Reyna on Friday, August 28, 2015


Local school superintendent John Craft issued a statement on behalf of the school, Friday, stating:

“The Killeen Independent School District Safety Department, KISD Police Department, and local law enforcement agencies are currently working collaboratively with the Killeen High School administration to investigate a social media posting pertaining to the safety of the school environment. At this time, appropriate measures have been taken to ensure the safety of the campus and classes will proceed as scheduled. All entities are dedicated to ensuring appropriate security measures are in place, and the safety of our students and staff remain a top priority.”

Killeen High School’s football game also ran as scheduled, Friday evening, with “extra security” just to be safe, and while continuing business as usual, especially the football game, may seem a little crazy and insensitive to today’s social climate for African-Americans in the United States, what message is sent to these cowardly bullies who make threats online, or go into safe spaces, heavily armed, and shoot up innocent, unarmed people, if Killeen High had shut down? Isn’t closing up shop and going or staying home how these domestic terrorists win?

Instead, it’s actually good that Craft kept the school open and let the football game run. Structure and consistency offers security to students, and seeing the school back down and shut down over a threat would make everyone more alarmed than they already are. Anyway, what happens if the school does shut down? Would it shut down every time some goober makes a threat?

Instead, perhaps every African-American student in that school should have showed up at 4:10 PM, Aug. 28, supported and surrounded by every other decent student, staff and administrator of every race, color and culture in that school, hand in hand, arm in arm, to greet that punk, anonymous bully. That’s just one approach of many possibilities to deal with such an issue.

Let’s be real, though, most likely that chump didn’t even show up, himself. And the reaction he got by parents keeping nearly a quarter of the school home (many of whom are black) is only going to encourage that lowlife to continue the same behavior, so showing up in solidarity, in full force, as a school and community, with administrators right out front, would be a powerful message.

Sadly, it’s understandable that parents fear for their children and would keep them home, so no disrespect to that decision. But perhaps we have little choice thanks to this racist, white society, but to stand up in harm’s way for the sake of dignity, equality, and ultimately, safety, sometimes. After all, the racists aren’t going to ever willingly change on their own.

Like that fabulous historian John Henrik Clarke used to say:

“If someone is on your back you have to bend a little to balance them … Now, the best move, if you want to get them off of your back, is to stand straight up.”

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