Parents Rage As GOP Rep Rants About Suicide Bombers To Little Kids (VIDEO)

Arizona Rep. Matt Salmon (R-AZ) is in hot water with parents after he turned what was supposed to be a civics lesson for kids into a rant about suicide bombers. Salmon spoke to second and third graders at San Tan Charter School, and turned childhood excitement into fear. One parent explained:

“The congressman chose to give an example of the current situation in Iran, and made some inappropriate comments about ‘Do you know what a nuclear weapon is? Do you know that there are schools that train children your age to be suicide bombers?'” Campbell said.

He and other parents were shocked. He said he had to console his young daughter.

Source: KPHO

“After school my daughter was very concerned and said to me she actually didn’t even know what suicide was and was very afraid,” he explained.

Why would someone be so twisted? Children aged six to nine don’t need to hear propaganda about Iran, nuclear weapons and suicide bombers.

As Congress moves to approve the proposed deal with Iran, it appears this congressman felt he had to scare the living daylights out of children in order to get their parents behind the GOP’s war rhetoric. This isn’t Salmon’s first odd moment in the news. He once proposed carving Ronald Reagan’s face into Mount Rushmore, crediting the president with winning the Cold War.

When it comes to these issues, it seems the default mode for the right is always fear and fearmongering. When speaking to small children, the congressman could have simply spoken about things we want to teach our kids, like how a bill becomes a law, what his job really is, or just answer their questions about what goes on in Washington. Instead he did his worst to do a Dick Cheney impression and gave them nightmares. Great job.

Here’s a video report from KPHO about Rep. Matt Salmon’s big mistake:

Featured image via KPHO