Fox News Calls Black Lives Matter A ‘Murder Movement’ (VIDEO)

Fox News is continuing to attack the #BlackLivesMatter movement, now blaming the movement for the shooting of a sheriff’s deputy in Texas.

On the August 31 Fox and Friends, host Brian Kilmeade talked to Fox regular, Sheriff David Clarke of Milwaukee County, Wisconsin. Clarke starts out the conversation by doing what Fox loves to accuse others of doing: race baiting. He says that the headline is “Black man shoots white defenseless police officer.” Clarke, who is black, goes on to say that he is tired of hearing the media point out race when a white officer shoots an “unarmed black suspect.” So, when the situation is reversed, what does David Clarke do?

Clarke says, “I thought I’d seen the worst when Officers Ramos and Liu were gunned down, sitting in their police cruiser.” But he doesn’t bother to mention that those officers’ murders had nothing to do with #BlackLivesMatter. They were killed by a man who had a history of mental health issues, whose only connection to #BlackLivesMatter was that he was black.

Clarke’s commentary proceeds from that to point the obligatory finger of blame at President Obama, who he says has “breathed life into this ugly movement.” Kilmeade plays devil’s advocate, and says that some people would say that the president has brought a long standing problem — the way blacks are treated by law enforcement — to light, and asks Clarke for his reaction. Clarke says that #BlackLivesMatter is just an attempt to “weaken the institution of policing.”

You might think that a man such as David Clarke, who might be eyed as suspicious by police himself were he not wearing a uniform, would have a little appreciation for the history of the “institution of policing” in America, when it comes to dealing with black citizens. Such as when that institution turned fire hoses and dogs on peaceful civil rights protesters in Alabama. But no, what we get from Clarke, who as a Wisconsin native has been lucky enough to live his life outside of the south, is victim blaming. He tells Kilmeade that what needs to be fixed in the country is the “subculture that has risen out of the underclass in the American ghetto.”

“Fix the ghetto, and you’ll see less need for assertive police officers,” Clarke says. As he speaks those words, the graphic “‘Murder Movement’ Sheriff: #BlackLivesMatter is out of control” appears at the bottom of the screen. “Stop trying to fix the police, fix the ghetto,” Clarke repeats.

By now, #FixTheGhetto has probably become a trending Twitter hashtag. But if that is the solution, as Clarke suggests, then why are resources being taken away from poor, inner city neighborhoods by the people who agree with Clarke’s point of view? That answer is simple. Policing is a growth industry. By keeping those ghettos intact, police and their allies in government have a reason to request an ever larger array of weaponry. They can request more manpower, more firepower. More manpower means more money in the police budget. More firepower means more money in the pockets of the companies that supply it to the police.

That’s exactly where Clarke goes with his next comment. He tells Kilmeade that cops aren’t getting support from politicians. “We don’t have the resources,” Clarke says. “I’m 150 deputies short.”

What do you get when you put money into fixing blighted neighborhoods? Maybe a park or playground. Job training programs. Better schools. Cleaner, safer living conditions. A lower crime rate. All things that Clarke calls “failed liberal policies that have destroyed these great cities.” How do you “fix the ghetto” if you don’t do things like that? Clarke never says, but you can guess from his other comments that “fixing the ghetto” means more heavy handed police activity against residents.

Clarke wraps up by saying that assertive policing benefits “law abiding black people who live in these communities,” who he points out are in the majority. It apparently never crossed his mind that those people make up a majority of the #BlackLivesMatter movement as well.

Here’s the video, via Fox News/Media Matters:

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Feautred image via Fox News/Media Matters screen capture